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    Hi Applecrafters!

    Get excited for our upcoming CHRISTMAS EVENTS! :D
    In the next few days we will be unveiling a special Christmas-themed minigame where you can win custom Christmas /pets and other cool stuff! Keep an eye out here for more updates.

    I have also just added a few more items to the Advent Crate, and on Christmas Day we will have a special gift for all players on the sever!

    Also get excited... it's only two more weeks until Applecraft's third birthday! We will be hosting a big party to celebrate. Hope to see you there!

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    Hello Applecrafters! Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying 1.13!

    We have 2 events coming out on the 27th October and one more on the way with a date TBA!!


    This is a cluedo style game. The staff have been working very hard on a castle for all them to live in and events to occur in.

    Unfortunately there has been a Catastrophic Event!!! Somebody has KILLED APPLE!!.

    All the Mods and Admins are hidden somewhere throughout the castle.

    Traverse the Castle and speak to each mod to figure out who would do such a thing!!

    You need to figure out who has done it and with what weapon and where.

    Once you have done this send a message to Spanna, Koliest, AnarchicMuse or Tunny13 in a PM on Discord

    Go to:


    If you do not already have an account there

    If you manage to get it right then you will receive a key to a special crate for the event. You can claim the key in Blue or Red World depending where you play, just let Spanna know which world when you message her.

    The event will be active for 2 weeks.

    There is a total of 8 Admins and 32 mods to speak to.

    There will be a crate with 8 different prizes in, you will receive one key for culprit and one for weapon.

    You have 3 guesses so make sure to talk to everyone before guessing.

    You cannot message and get keys on alt accounts (unless you are siblings ect).

    Good Luck and Look Forward to Hearing From you!!


    So as a lot that have played here a long time know that there are not many special Spanna items out there.

    To Celebrate Spanna turning 30 on 25th November (I know Im going to be really old) there is going to be a 30 day special event.

    There will be a Spanna NPC at spawn who you can click daily to get a prize/do something different. There will also be a couple of different days thrown in there that Spanna is known for (for example there will be a couple of fishing competitions thrown on one day).

    Most prizes are something Spanna is known for, if you want info on the item ask a mod/admin about them and they may know what it is. (some items have hidden enchants so beware).

    Thank you for celebrating this joyous occasion with me. Applecraft is a big part of my life and I probably spend way too much time on the server/behind the scenes sorting things out. So this is my way of saying thank you for being an amazing community.

    Spanna xx
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    Hola Applecrafters!

    The BLUE SERVER is upgrading to 1.13.1 today. The biggest, most important part of this is converting the whole world from the old system (1.12) to the new system (1.13.1). This process is expected to take a few hours, unfortunately, and during this time the Blue server will be unavailable.

    The server being down is a pain, but unfortunately it's a necessary step. Try joining the RED SERVER during this downtime and having a swim in the coral reef below spawn!

    I will post news and updates here and in Discord (discord.applecraft.org).

    The conversion is expected to take 30 - 40 HOURS.
    Blue will not be available during this time. This is the longest downtime we have ever had on Applecraft. :(
    Please pray for Blue, and in the meantime go and explore Red!
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    Hi Applecrafters!

    It's (finally) time to announce the winners of the tag map build competition! For those of you who don't know, tag is a minigame on Applecraft that works just like playing tag in real life. The game will be released again shortly for everyone to play.

    We had 25 entries in total to the build competition, so competition was fierce! For this reason I have picked one winner, four runners up, and have also picked a bunch of other maps to be included in the minigame when it is released.

    The winner of the competition is...

    SimpleArchitect has won ARCHITECT RANK and a spawn egg of their choice!

    The runners up are...


    These players have won a spawn egg of their choice!

    In addition, the following players will also have their build included in the tag map minigame! These builds are still excellent, but didn't make the winner's podium.

    Thanks everyone for your submissions - if you have any questions about your build just message me on discord and we can chat! I'm looking forward to seeing all of these builds in the next release of the Tag minigame! :)

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    Hi Applecrafters!

    We have released a new 1.13 world! To get to the world, do /worlds from any server on Applecraft and select the RED server. There have been a bunch of questions about the new world so far - I'll answer the FAQ's below.

    What's special about the Red server?
    The RED server runs Minecraft 1.13, which means it has coral, dolphins, turtles, and more! It also has some gameplay differences to Applecraft. Specifically, Keep Inventory is OFF in on the RED server.

    What happened to the Purple server?
    The PURPLE server has been renamed the BLUE server. This is just a personal preference of mine - it doesn't affect gameplay at all.

    When will Blue update to 1.13?
    BLUE will update to 1.13 as soon as it is safe to do so. The BLUE server currently runs 50+ plugins, whereas the RED server only runs ~10 or so. Upgrading the BLUE server is risky, and we could lose some data - this is why we are waiting until it's safe to do so.

    Do my ranks/inventory/homes transfer between worlds?
    Your ranks and /vote count will transfer between the RED and BLUE worlds. Your inventories and homes won't transfer between the two worlds.

    Does chat work between servers?
    At the moment, no. Chat will work between servers when BLUE updates to 1.13.

    Why can't I /vote on the Red server?
    Voting hasn't been configured yet. I am switching to a new vote plugin which will take some time - you will know as soon as it's done, though!

    Do you have any other questions? Post below!