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    Hi Applecrafters...
    It's time to announce the winner of the spawn build competition! There were so many amazing builds, everyone worked really hard on putting them together and it was definitely a difficult decision. I've made a video showcasing some of the top builds - check it out below!

    The winner is...

    (click here to see a video of the build!)

    It came down to personal preference and what I think will work best on the server, so please don't get too hurt if you weren't chosen this round. The spawn will be edited slightly in the coming days, but hopefully it will be in for the weekend. If you have any questions about the judging process or want feedback on your plot please message me on Discord and I'll get back to you. :)

    For anyone who still wants another shot at building, we'll be hosting another build competition soon where we'll be choosing five or six winners! That means that more people can have their work showcased on the server.

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    Hey Applecrafters,
    We're celebrating the 4th of July this week. Until Sunday the 9th of July you can win a bunch of holiday vote rewards, including Abe Lincolns head, a Captain America Shield, and Red, White and Blue particles!

    The spawn build competition closes today! Keep an eye out on this post for the winners to be announced!
    If you haven't see them already, go through the red minigames portal at spawn to see some of the top entries!
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    Hi Applecrafters,

    I have some pretty exciting news to announce: it's Applecraft's FIRST EVER store sale! Until Sunday the 2nd of July you can get 20% off the entire store; ranks, spawners, sethomes, everything!

    I've also received a few messages from donors regarding the reset poll we had the other day. I'd like to put everyone's mind at rest and announce (officially) that Applecraft will never reset*. All the items you donate for are permanent and will never be removed. It was made clear on the forums that the majority of people were against a reset, so I promise never to reset the server now or in the future.

    Feel free to post any questions you have about the server sale, otherwise, enjoy!

    * Barring some bizarre disaster like our server host exploding.
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    We have updated to 1.12!
    In celebration of all the new blocks (and parrots!) when you vote you have a chance of winning GLAZED TERRACOTTA or a PARROT SPAWN EGG! Also keep an eye out this weekend for a new building competition: we'll be opening a contest for a new 1.12 spawn!

    Click HERE to read about the build competition!

    Also, parrot spawn eggs have been made available in the web store!

    Happy playing! <3

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    Thanks everyone for your participation in the 1.12 reset poll! Based on your responses, we have decided not to reset Applecraft. You won't hear any more mention of a reset, now or in the forseeable future.

    At this stage we are waiting at least a week to update Applecraft to 1.12. This is largely because a number of core plugins we use do not have a 1.12-compatible version released, and also because I will be transferring to a new vote plugin which will take some time to configure.

    I'll post here with more information as the 1.12 roll-out progresses. :)