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    Hi Applecrafters!

    Get excited! The End is going to reset this weekend! Click here for a count-down timer that shows (approximately!) when the End will first reset.

    To celebrate, we are going to respawn the Ender Dragon every hour! The player that kills the dragon will receive a special name prefix and a limited edition crate key!

    Hope to see you this weekend!

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    Hi Applecrafters!

    I've made a bunch of changes to the server this weekend which should in theory reduce lag! I'll be doing some checks over the next few days to see if this works for us, but you should see a noticeable difference on the server.

    Also, get excited! On March 1st the EPIC chest at spawn will finally be available. The EPIC chest contains a bunch of legendary gear. When you use an EPIC key, you will receive a random item from the chest. More items will be added to the EPIC chest before it is released, so keep an eye out!

    There should be a few more things happening over the next few weeks - I'll post updates closer to the date!
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    Hey Applecrafters!

    All this month we have an ADVENT CALENDAR! The advent calendar can be accessed from /spawn (go through the red, green and white portal).

    Each day we will unlock a new advent item. To get your item, find the staff NPC for that day and right-click them. If you miss a day, don't worry - once a reward is unlocked it will be available all month!

    DAY 1 - Dumericuse
    DAY 2 - YellowQueen
    DAY 3 - xauntlet
    DAY 4 - DeathMatrix
    DAY 5 - TomDoomed
    DAY 6 - Marioz_
    DAY 7 - Smoerni & Squzzie
    DAY 8 - Pure_Purple_
    DAY 9 - McCoy41611
    DAY 10 - Zero_83
    DAY 11 - Mads_HL
    DAY 12 - TamsinCrowe
    DAY 13 - Koukee
    DAY 14 - Addeve & Helpers!
    DAY 15 - Aim115
    DAY 16 - DKKitty
    DAY 17 - Domo_Chan
    DAY 18 - iPazo, SirEdrick, 2P_, Rage1124
    DAY 19 - SilverShade_
    DAY 20 - Puggernauts
    DAY 21 - MelonMarauda
    DAY 22 - Spore4
    DAY 23 - Deimo5

    DAY 24 - Im_Drunk
    DAY 25 - Applebranch
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    Hi all,

    I have some pretty big news: we're opening a new survival server/world. The purpose of this survival world is to replace both Blue and Red server, so we are calling it Purple. You'll be able to move all your items, ranks, etc over to the new world, and start setting up new towns and claims.

    The main question you might have is:

    Why are you doing this?

    The answer is, by switching to a single survival server again we can fix a number of the issues we have been having over the last year. Not being able to /vote in both servers, people not receiving their Buycraft items properly, people losing their inventories on restarts, messaging problems, not being able to do /back, and more. A single survival server will fix these issues.

    When will Purple open?
    I am currently pre-generating the world to reduce lag once it opens. I will let you know when this process is complete, but it shouldn't be more than a day or so.

    How do I get there and how big will it be?
    Purple world will be the new /spawn point. The world will be 50,000 x 50,000 until Blue and Red close, at which point it will expand out to 150,000 x 150,000. A wild warp will be available for Purple so you can find places to build. As I don’t want to encourage people to keep building in Blue and Red, I will be removing the wild warp for these worlds.

    What will happen to red and blue world?
    Blue and Red world will close eventually. The tentative close date is the 1st of January 2018. When these worlds close I will transfer them to another server where you can look at your old builds and explore, however you won’t be able to build. A world download will be made available for Red and Blue.

    Will the plugins change? How will gameplay change?

    No existing plugins will change, and the gameplay will remain the same. We do have two new plugins coming in which are a Shops plugin to let you claim shops more easily, and a plugin called HopperLimiter, which stops people from having more than 500 hoppers in their visible area.

    What happens to the shop setup? What are we doing about shops?
    The best thing about the new server is that we have a new shop area. Everyone will be able to claim new shops, and it will be a lot easier to find available plots (by doing the command /shops free). The /setshop command has also been improved so that it records the direction you face when you set a shop plot.

    What will happen to existing towns and capitals?
    Existing towns and capitals are encouraged to move to the new server and begin again. More towns in the new server will be managed using the Towns plugin (which is currently reserved for Capitals only), so running a town will be even easier.

    What about my builds and items?
    You will be able to keep 100% of your items, you will just need to transfer them across to Purple. You will need to rebuild any buildings on the Purple server as we aren’t transferring builds across. However, if you are worried about your builds you can download Schematica (find link) which will allow you to copy your existing builds and rebuild them (assuming you have the materials) in Purple.

    What about map art?
    All map art that exists on the Blue server has already been transferred across to the Purple server.

    How will claim blocks work?
    Your new claim blocks in Purple will be your claim blocks from Blue or Red, whichever is highest.

    What about my spawners and spawn eggs?
    Admins will be able to refund your spawners and spawn eggs. Only placed spawners will be refunded. We have about two months to do this refund process, so don’t worry if the refunds don’t take place immediately!

    Will anything about my rank change?
    You will keep your donor rank, and nothing about your donor rank will change (except /back will work now!).

    Please post any other concerns or questions you have below.

    I appreciate that this is a big decision, and it's one that a lot of players may not be happy with. I know we've all spent a lot of time over the past two years on our builds, but I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't think it is the best thing for the server in the long term.
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    Hi Applecrafters!

    We have just started a new UHC build competition! The goal is to build a deathmatch arena which can be used at the end of UHC. The build can be any theme you like.

    To enter, you have to be Ranger rank or above. You can find a plot by pressing the "Build Competition" icon in the /minigames menu and then doing /plot auto.

    The competition will close on the 7th of October. The winner will receive ARCHITECT RANK!

    (Please note: you can work in teams, but only ONE player will win Architect rank)

    When you're ready to submit, post your build in this thread using the following form:

    In-game name:
    Build Coordinates:
    Comments (if any):