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    The most recent Applecraft build competition is over! The winner will be chosen by me and the admin team over the next couple of days. However, because we have had soooo many entries we're having a hard time finding them all in the creative world, so if you have finished your build and would like to be considered for the prize please just reply to this post with:

    a) Your in-game name
    b) A photo of your plot (or an Imgur album if you like)

    PLEASE NOTE: If for some reason you don't see this message in time don't worry! We're doing our best to make sure we get around to see everyones builds. All builds will be considered whether you post in this thread or not! :)
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    Hey Applecrafters!

    We are running a new BUILD COMPETITION which has just started. This competition will run until SUNDAY the 28th of May! The challenge is to build a minigame lobby for use in all future minigames. All contestants will get WorldEdit during the competition. The competition is open to all players who are RANGER players and above (including donors).

    The winner will win ARCHITECT RANK permanently.

    The build must be a floating island.
    The theme should be similar to spawn (jungle/leaves/trees).
    You can add extra features (parkour/hidden rooms/etc).

    Go through the red minigames portal at spawn and do /plot auto to find your plot. To get back to your plot after you've left it you can do /plot home <number> from the minigame world.

    Any questions, comments, suggestions, issues etc just post below. :) Otherwise, good luck!

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    play.microcraft.us //

    Hey everyone!
    Spigot has released a 1.12 pre-release version, so that means we can try out the new Minecraft 1.12! We have set up a new server called Microcraft which is now going to be permanent. There are a number of differences between Applecraft and Microcraft, which are:

    100% vanilla
    Parrots, recipe books, coloured beds and terracotta

    No /sethomes (use a bed!)
    No commands
    No player shops

    Griefing and raiding are permitted
    40,000 x 40,000 world border radius

    If you like vanilla Minecraft with absolutely no game-breaking features, come try out Microcraft!
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    The next Applecraft UHC will take place on SUNDAY 8am Pacific Time (which is 3pm GMT, 1am AEST). If this time works well for everyone we will use it for all/most future UHC tournaments! :)

    For those of you who haven't played a UHC before the rules are as follows:

    1. No natural health regeneration (only regenerate through Golden Apples or potions)

    2. World border will start at 1000 x1000 blocks and will contract to 100 x 100 over 1.5 hours.

    3. PVP will be disabled for the first 20 minutes of the match.

    The winner of the UHC tournament will win the title UHC CHAMPION which will last until the next UHC tournament is won.

    This next UHC will be a free for all meaning that there will be no "staff team" or teaming at all.

    Hopefully you can make it! :)
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    Hey Applecrafters!

    You'll notice over the next few days (24-48 hours) we have some special Star Wars themed vote rewards to celebrate May the 4th! Also, make sure you vote in May for your chance to win one of these VERY RARE limited edition items:

    These boots allow you to walk on the air! Be careful not to take damage while wearing them...
    These boots give you purple star particles!

    These boots slow your descent and cancel fall damage! Jump off anywhere!
    These boots give you white cloud particles!

    These boots give you extra jump effects and come with green slime particles!

    These boots give you permanent Speed I effects and come with bright green star particles!

    This helmet makes you permanently invisible while wearing it!

    Finally, congratulations to MenacingPotato for winning the UHC on Sunday! The next UHC will take place this Sunday, stay tuned for details! :)