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    Applecraft is expanding!
    Over the next 1-2 weeks we will be adding a second survival world.
    Don't worry, all your builds, homes, claim blocks, items, and enderchests will be 100% protected.

    Why are you adding a second world?

    We are adding a second world for two reasons. One, because our current world was generated way back in 1.8. Having a new 1.11 world will mean we will have access to 128 strongholds, more mansions, igloos, and other cool builds that exist in 1.11 worlds. The second reason is because adding a second world will reduce server lag.

    How will this work?
    You will be able to /tpa, /msg, and chat between servers. You can set home between servers, and all your inventory, enderchests, claim blocks, and player data will be 100% the same between the two servers. It means you have twice as much land to build in! The goal is you'll hardly notice a difference to regular old Applecraft.

    How will adding a second server reduce lag?
    We currently run on some of the best gaming hardware out there. However, Minecraft is single-threaded, which means it runs on a single CPU core. At any one time, we have upwards of 10,000 chunks, 5,000 mobs and 10,000 hoppers active on the server. All of the calculations for each of these entities and blocks is being done on a single thread, which leads to lag.

    By allowing players to play on multiple servers, we can split the player base between multiple CPU cores. This means that less chunks, mobs, and entities are active on each server, and therefore lag is decreased. If this works well enough, we can even extend render distance!

    What else is happening?
    We're getting a brand new spawn, a creative server for everyone to access, new minigames, and new PVP arenas!

    When will this happen?
    The new spawn will come in this weekend! However, there's still a bunch to do before the set-up of the second server is complete, so it might not come until next week some time. I'll keep you all posted!

    Any questions or comments, post away! :)
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    After deliberation and voting amongst the admins, mods, and myself, it's time to announce the winners of the Christmas snowglobe build competition! Thanks to all who entered - each team will be given a beacon as a participation prize.

    Your beacons are in your snow globes! Go to the snowglobe arena from the minigames section of spawn - each snowglobe has been given a beacon.

    Team Im_drunk & Zippur!

    20,000 claim blocks
    50 vote dollars
    1x Mob Spawner
    1x Spawn Egg (see Apple for choices)
    /fly for a day!

    Team Dacada

    10,000 claim blocks
    25 vote dollars
    1x Mob Spawner
    1x Spawn Egg (see Apple for choices)

    Team Jezuskiller and Team ConfusedGuy & drunkisdaddy (Tied!)

    5,000 claim blocks
    10 vote dollars
    1x Spawn Egg (see Apple for choices)

    Next time you see me on the server just message me to collect your prize. Ask me in-game for a list of the spawn eggs you can choose from (first place has more options than second place, etc).

    Thanks for participating!​
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    It's our first birthday!

    For anyone who logs on during the week, make sure you visit /spawn to pick up the birthday kit and cool rainbow particles!

    Also, keep an eye on the server store for cool LIMITED EDITION! items which will be coming out this week. They will only be available for sale for a couple of weeks to avoid flooding the market.

    Hope you enjoy the festivities!

    ~ apple​
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    Happy New Year Applecraftians!

    For the next 24 hours we will be celebrating the new year with a fireworks kit which you can pick up at /spawn. Also, every hour a random player online will be given an enchanted diamond block!

    Finally, WE ARE NOW ON 1.11.2! If you spot any bugs or glitches contact an Admin, Moderator, or me. Hope everyone enjoys the celebrations, both on Applecraft and IRL! :)
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    This is just a little update to let everyone know that maps are fixed!
    We were experiencing an issue where new maps over-wrote old maps, but the problem has been solved so it shouldn't happen in the future.

    Also, keep an eye out for some exciting events on New Years Eve and throughout January! :) The map copywriting plugin is almost finished, we're working on a new spawn, and January will have some cool vote prizes too!

    Finally, for anyone wanting updates on the Snowglobe Competition the results will be posted soon!​