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    It's our first birthday!

    For anyone who logs on during the week, make sure you visit /spawn to pick up the birthday kit and cool rainbow particles!

    Also, keep an eye on the server store for cool LIMITED EDITION! items which will be coming out this week. They will only be available for sale for a couple of weeks to avoid flooding the market.

    Hope you enjoy the festivities!

    ~ apple​
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    Happy New Year Applecraftians!

    For the next 24 hours we will be celebrating the new year with a fireworks kit which you can pick up at /spawn. Also, every hour a random player online will be given an enchanted diamond block!

    Finally, WE ARE NOW ON 1.11.2! If you spot any bugs or glitches contact an Admin, Moderator, or me. Hope everyone enjoys the celebrations, both on Applecraft and IRL! :)
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    This is just a little update to let everyone know that maps are fixed!
    We were experiencing an issue where new maps over-wrote old maps, but the problem has been solved so it shouldn't happen in the future.

    Also, keep an eye out for some exciting events on New Years Eve and throughout January! :) The map copywriting plugin is almost finished, we're working on a new spawn, and January will have some cool vote prizes too!

    Finally, for anyone wanting updates on the Snowglobe Competition the results will be posted soon!​
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    Hey Applecraftians, dlav here!

    Myself along with a couple other staff are planning some exciting activities and decorations for the Applecraft server and while these developments are a surprise we wanted to tell you about one of the following instalments!

    During the festive period that is Christmas, we will be installing small Santa's grotto's and Christmas Tree's in Warp towns and some larger towns.

    If you DO NOT want an xmas installation in your town, then please let us know in a reply to this post!

    The mods/admins will be installing the decorations and the end of November into the early days of December. They will be removed on or slightly before the 6th of January.
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    Happy Halloween Applecraftians! Dlav here :cool:

    Drop Party THIS evening!
    We are hosting the much awaited, special drop party this evening!
    The party begins at 1AM UTC, click here to get your time zone!

    Don't forget, the fun is already underway!

    Don't forget to vote for the special sp00ky vote rewards!
    You'll have a chance at winning a Bat Spawn egg, Enchanted Blaze Rods and some ultra mega rare rewards like a Zombie Pigman spawn egg!

    Autumn Spawn!
    Our spawn has had a complete revamp for the week, turning it from it's normal green to bright orange! The new spawn has the same easy-to-navigate layout so you won't be disrupted.

    Also, one final thing, don't forget to clear your inventory for the Sp00ky Drop Party!