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    We've decided to update our shop with more EULA-friendly items: boosters & particles!

    A booster is a server-wide effect that lasts for one hour. We only have one at the moment, the fly booster! The fly booster lets every player on the server fly for an hour. Particles are cool effects that come in multiple colours and are a cosmetic add-on that lets you stand out on the server.

    We've also moved to Buycraft. Check out our new shop at shop.applecraft.org

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    We have a brand new website! We've transitioned from our old Enjin website to a new forum system (hosted on our Applecraft server box). Hopefully you find your way around okay! We're still testing and figuring out how things work, so bear with us. ;)

    Also just a note: if you set your forum name to your in-game Minecraft name your avatar will be your skin! :)

    ~ apple

    P.S. This sweet picture of spawn was taken by kingvapes.​