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    Hello Again!
    This is Flame with another writing competition, specifically for short stories this time.

    What Qualifies as a Short Story?
    I know most stories have a strong beginning, middle, and end. However, I do understand that Minecraft books are more difficult to write like that. For the sake of this competition, a short story is a book that is written in sentences, has at least one character, and has some sort of event or situation.

    What are the Rules?
    Books must be 6+ Pages
    Each person is allowed up to 3 entries
    Books must be submitted by May 4, 2018
    Books must be signed

    Submit a copy of the book

    *All books must be original works but may be inspired by something else

    How to Enter:
    Write a book
    Sign your book
    Make a copy of your book
    Submit the copy of your book at the bottom floor of /shop Flame_star1

    This is a new addition to the contest. Instead of being judged by just one judge, the results will now be a result of three judges. Here they are:


    1st: 64 DB
    2nd: 32 DB
    3rd: 16 DB
    4th: 8 DB
    5th: 4 DB

    Participants may ask for feedback on their story once the competition has ended if they wish.

    Information is also in /shop Flame_star1. I’ll try to answer any additional questions.​
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    What do you mean by sentences? All text is written in sentences. :/

    And pro tip for the other contestants, instead of writing the story in the book ,write it first in a doc or say Evernote, and then copy/paste it into the book bit by bit.
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    I meant that all text is written in paragraph form rather than stanzas. Does that make any more sense?
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