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    Hi Applecrafters!

    We have a bunch of cool Halloween events happening on the server if you haven't seen them already!

    Do /MINIGAMES to visit our Halloween Whodunnit - solve the mystery of who has put a dark curse over Applecraft to win a prize!

    Visit our spooky /SPAWN to search for a randomly dropped mob scroll that will allow you to summon spooky Halloween mobs!​
  2. The Future of Red World

    Hi Applecraft,

    I have been communicating with Mojang for the past few months regarding Applecraft being unblacklisted. The original EULA released in 2014 was quite strict in what can and cannot be sold by server owners, and as such Applecraft was blacklisted in November 2017. However, a new version of the EULA was released in April 2020 which provides greater flexibility for non-competitive (casual) servers like Applecraft.

    As you know, Applecraft aims to be a friendly, casual place to play Minecraft with your friends. The majority of our focus across all survival worlds is PVE gameplay, which is why we have Keep Inventory enabled and don't permit raiding or griefing (even in unclaimed land). The notable exception to this is Red World, where we have allowed PVP, raiding and griefing outside claims.

    Going forward Red World's rules will change to bring them in line with the rest of Applecraft. Specifically, this means that Keep Inventory will be enabled and one core ruleset will now apply across all four survival worlds. This will greatly assist new players in navigating the server, and ensure that all players have a positive, fair, friendly, and accessible experience on Applecraft.

    I appreciate that Red server has its own unique spirit and gameplay, however I believe this change is required to ensure that Applecraft is classed as a 100% casual (non-competitive) server.

    Over the next few weeks I will continue working with Mojang to ensure that Applecraft's web store fits within the guidelines of the new EULA. Any further changes will be signposted in #announcements on Discord - if you're not a member of our Discord now is a good time to join.

    - Applebranch​
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    Hi Applecraft!

    You can use any version to connect to the server using our new IP:


    As always, get the latest updates on our Discord: discord.gg/applecraft
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    Hey Everyone!
    I am pleased to announce my next event on Applecraft! A giant maze! Now I know what a lot of you guys are immediately thinking, “ANOTHER F!@#ING MAZE!? WHY!? AND IT HAS PARKOUR!?!?! YOU’RE HORRIBLE MELON”. I wouldn’t blame you for that reaction BUT my team and I have put a lot of effort into this monstrosity. There is survival, parkour, maze navigation/mapping, combat (not pvp) and puzzle solving involved. The maze has multiple layers with tunnels and vine routes scattered throughout with a centre area for getting resources for your maze travels.
    But before I get into the rest I would like to give a huge thank you to those who helped make this a reality because I would not have made this without their assistance. So thank you to Pure_Purple_, Flame_Star1, Pixelus, Lord_Of_Cipher and Mistyfirefly.

    Now, how does this work? This maze event will be a team event. Each team will consist of 4-8 players (no less and no more) and I would suggest forming them wisely as having a wide range of skills will be VERY helpful. Each team will have their own separate maze and will start the event at a time decided by them. The fastest team to complete the maze and exit AS A TEAM will win first prize! Please take note that I said fastest, NOT first. There are also second and third prizes as well as participation prizes. To complete the maze you'll need 50% of your team, rounded up, at the exit. To start the maze will be the same requiring 50% of your team. When you start the maze you will enter into a survival area within the maze and then you must explore, find the secrets within and complete the challenges to exit.

    Signing Up
    Times available for teams to pick from are listed below. I am flexible so if none of those times work for your team please message me and we can work something out:

    To sign up please respond to this in the following format after gathering a team and picking a starting date and preferred time from the above document:

    Team Name:
    Team Leader (Both IGN and Discord):
    Team Members IGNs:
    Starting Time Preference:

    Other details
    I don’t really want to give much away but some crucial details! I have completed this maze myself, so yes it is possible. Yes it took me a long time. If you die it takes 5 minutes ish to re enter the maze. You have to be on the server in the maze world for those 5 minutes ish to tick by (you’ll see why). If you get stuck, you will have to re enter the maze just as if you had died so be careful, ensure wherever you’re going is not a one way dead end. Map, it, out… I would suggest finding a good minimap mod because I have no way of preventing people from using them so you all may as well use them because they will be very useful.

    ANY questions regarding this event asked to those who helped create it other than myself will incur your team a 2 hour time penalty so PLEASE direct them to my discord MelonMarauda#4865. Keep this thread to applications only, thank you.
    Any member of a team found cheating in any way will get the ENTIRE team disqualified and the entire team will NOT get any rewards for even participating. Another reason to choose your team wisely.
    Any member of any team found sharing information about the event to other teams or anyone not within their team will have their entire team disqualified again preventing that team from getting any rewards. Sharing information could be as simple as giving hints about any details, so choose your words wisely. Once the first 3 teams are identified teams are free to talk about the maze without consequences.

    1st, 2nd and 3rd place will receive special rewards and every other team that finishes will get the participation reward. Details on these rewards will remain hidden until the teams claim them.
    There are also 3 other rewards up for grabs for the fastest team to find Megan and Greg, the missing beet and Shaun. If you find one of these take a picture with them and send it to my discord to mark how long it took your team to find.

    Good luck maze runners. You’ll need it.

    Ooooh and one other thing for all you maze/parkour haters, I am in the mood for making things, so if you have any good ideas for events message me about them. I am however not a fan of recreating someone elses minigame. So don't tell me to make bedwars. Thanks
  5. Hoooowwwwdy Applecraft players!

    Below is a list of 12 Days of Christmas events leading up to the most wonderful time of year. The below dates are in accordance with Western Australian dates and I have provided a couple of times so you can hope on to enjoy!

    Important Information at the bottom! Please read all the way down

    Day 1 (December 13th, 2020): TAG

    Day 2: PVP Tournament 1 (December 14th, 2020)
    8am EST / 1am GMT
    4pm EST / 9pm GMT
    12am EST / 5pm GMT

    Day 3 (December 15th, 2020): TAG

    Day 4 (December 16th, 2020): Pixel Art / Sleigh Competition

    Day 5 (December 17th, 2020): TAG

    Day 6: Christmas Kahoot (December 18th, 2020)
    8am EST / 1am GMT
    4pm EST / 9pm GMT
    12am EST / 5pm GMT

    Day 7 (December 19th, 2020): TAG

    Day 8 (December 20th, 2020): Christmas Skin Competition

    Day 9 (December 21st, 2020): TAG

    Day 10: PVP Tournament 2 (December 22nd, 2020)
    8am EST / 1am GMT
    4pm EST / 9pm GMT
    12am EST / 5pm GMT

    Day 11 (December 23rd, 2020): TAG

    Day 12 (December 24th, 2020): Christmas Spawn Hunt

    !! Important Information !!

    1. Details for the The Sleigh and Pixel Art Competitions:
    - These will be held on Creative on your own plots. Please reply to this post with the coords of your plot to be entered in the event
    - We will be judging based on: Originality, Detail, and how well you stick to the Theme (Christmas).

    2. Skin Competition Details:
    - This will be judged in the Christmas world on Red on the 21st of December at 1am EST / 6pm GMT
    - If you cannot make the judging time, please send a full body picture of your skin back and front to FunnkieMonkey on discord (Mandy Reynolds#8695) before this time
    - We will be judging based on: Originality, Detail, and how well you stick to the Theme (Christmas).

    3. PVP Tournament 1 & 2 Details:
    - The PVP Tournament will be held on a separate world in an arena with special kits made for this event
    - The winner will be the last person standing at the end of the tournament

    4. Christmas Kahoot:
    - This will be a Christmas themed Kahoot. All you need to do is acquire the room name which will be posted on Discord in (put the #channelname here) at each time interval it is open
    - The winner will be the one with the highest overall point count
    5. All other events:
    - These will be run periodically throughout day, allowing you to join at your convenience.

    ! Prizes !
    The winner/s of each event will receive their prize on their server of choice

    Pixel Art / Sleigh Building / Skin Competition:
    1st. One-of-a-Kind Christmas Rare
    2nd. 1x Advent Key
    3rd. 1x Advent Key

    PVP Competitions:
    1st. Special Christmas Rare (1 awarded for each tournament)

    Christmas Kahoot:
    - Special Christmas Rare (1 awarded for each session)​