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    Hello Applecrafters!
    Hope everyone is well in the current climate and is staying safe. :cool:

    We have been working very hard and are excited to announce "
    Who Dunnit" is back! "Who Dunnit" is a Cluedo style game where the aim is to find who committed a crime!

    Do /mgame from any server (or go through the events portal at spawn) to play the game, and gaze at our amazing build!

    What happened?
    Indie and and Pug are long gone admins but someone has decided to steal their bodies from their graves :eek: !!!

    Go around and speak to the staff and figure out who did it and why – It’s that easy…. Or is it??

    All Admins, Moderators and Helpers and a couple of people who helped to build are hidden all around. Make sure you find them all for the right answer.

    There are
    6 prizes that can be won. You can get 2 keys for a special crate. 1 for guessing the right person and 1 for why. You get a total of 3 guesses.

    Once you think you know who it is and why PM Spanna, Tunny, Diamond or Pixelus on discord and they will sort you out with your crate key. Make sure you specify what world you want the rewards in, Blue, Purple or Red.

    You cannot message and get keys on alt accounts (unless you are siblings etc).

    Go to: Discord.applecraft.org of you are not already part of our discord.

    P.S. We can tell if you have done the work so no cheating.

    P.P.S. Please make sure to pay close attention and also click on the NPCs. There are hidden games everywhere so make sure to be vigilant.

    The event will be active for 2 weeks.

    There is a total of Apple, 9 Admins, 51 Mods, 15 Helpers and 2 Players to speak to. Fairly daunting amount!

    Good Luck and Look Forward to Hearing From you!!

    Hope you enjoy it!

    Spanna and the staff team :)

    Special thanks to all staff who helped and special thanks to jesskeepswimming and ttunasub for lending a helping hand

    The Easter build competition has now closed! Thank you to everyone who entered - there were some hilarious, beautiful, and super creative plots out there! The admins and I have now reviewed all entries and created a shortlist of 9 PLOTS.

    To view the shortlisted plots, do /GREEN and then go to /spawn.

    Once you have viewed the plots, vote for your top three favourites at: https://forms.gle/PkD3QeivnCrojwu3A

    Many of the plots have underground areas, hidden rooms, and other surprises, so make sure you have a good look around!

    The top prize for this competition is $100 USD, so make sure you help us pick the best build!
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    Hi Applecrafters!

    We have a brand new event happening this month - an Easter Build Competition!
    Your build can be absolutely anything as long as it fits the theme. Easter eggs, rabbits, chocolates, gardens, escape rooms, cosy cottages -- whatever you'd like to build! Your build may be used for Easter events in April.

    To enter you just need to be NOMAD rank or above.
    Go through the rainbow portal at /spawn on the /green server to start building!
    You can build solo or join a team of up to THREE players (total).
    The competition closes on the 5th of April.
    Submit your builds HERE.

    - - - FIRST PRIZE - - -
    Architect Rank
    $100 USD (via PayPal)

    - - - SECOND PRIZE - - -
    $50 USD (via PayPal)

    - - - THIRD PRIZE - - -
    $25 Applecraft Store Voucher

    $10 Applecraft Store Voucher

    Good luck everyone, and happy building! We can't wait to see what the community comes up with!
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    Hi Applecrafters!

    I'd like to say a massive congratulations to everyone who has entered the snowglobe build competition over December. The entries have been seriously fantastic, and it was very difficult to choose winners given that everyone has had a very different approach to the theme.


    Architect rank, the largest share of diamond blocks and special award.


    Second largest share of diamond blocks and special award.
    Thunderbirdkid, ninja_since_1987 & 000Daiking

    Third largest share of diamond blocks and special award.
    Ra1ncheck (aka rainistired)

    Entry fee refunded and special award.
    Negative_Nevets & Mitapod

    Everyone that entered the competition will be eligible for a participation award. Please contact @SpannaBanana for your reward.

    Once again, thank you so much to everyone who participated!

    We will aim to have another build competition shortly.
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    Hello Applecraftians!

    As Christmas is approaching the staff have been working very hard to put on some events for you all to enjoy and be merry!

    Staff have been making their items for the December crate. You will be able to win a Crate key per day in December to win as many of these items as you can.

    There will be a world opening up with many things to explore and do. Just do /CHRISTMAS from any world once this opens.
    There are the following things to do here:

    Back by popular demand for a Christmas edition!
    Board the polar express to find out who has been stealing the Christmas presents!
    Speak to the Admins and figure out who dunnit!
    Message Koree on discord with your answer and which world you are from and she will sort out a prize if you are correct.

    Minigames will be opening up each week and be open for 1 week, there will be prizes for the top 3 (or more) winners in the world of their choosing.

    Parkour - Fastest to Finish
    Dropper - Fastest to Finish
    Boat Race - Fastest to Finish
    Elytra Course - Fastest to Finish
    Ice Fishing - Most Fish Win
    Snowball Fight - Most Hits Win

    The snow globe competition is available for Ranger rank and above. This event costs 32 diamond blocks to enter. Message an Admin for a plot. The competition will close on Christmas day, and winners will be announced in the new year!

    Top Prize: Achitect Rank and largest share of the diamond blocks
    2nd Place: Fly for 2 weeks and Share of the diamond blocks
    3rd Place: Fly for 1 week and share of the diamond blocks

    The place is you to hopefully enjoy and have fun!

    P.S. Cheating in the minigames will get you disqualified and banned from the world.