With the help of special guest judge MelonMarauda, I'm excited to announce the results of the 2020 Halloween Build Competition!

    Choosing winners was exceptionally difficult as after a first review I ended up with a "short list" of 20 plots. The builds were all so different! There was parkour, mazes, quests, and a lot of dragons! Some builders went super-detailed with armor stands and storyline, while others worked on a larger scale.

    If you submitted a build and didn't get selected, just know that there's a very good chance you were on my long "short list". The quality of the builds was exceptional.

    Lord_of_Cipher, Aliicc, buddhaboi ($100 PayPal and Architect Rank)

    Brokolii ($50 PayPal)

    LuckyMinecraft1 ($25 Store Voucher)

    wentaxe, CoconutChunks, Elementiger_1985, Amir_Bor, Eeevvh ($10 Store Voucher)

    Congratulations to the winners, and thank you very much to everyone who entered! I will be in touch shortly regarding prizes.
  2. One late fall night, you are traveling a few towns over to go and visit some relatives when your horses are spooked by something in the woods. They go wild trying to run away from whatever is creeping in the trees, and before you can try to calm them down your carriage tips over and you are flung from it, hitting the ground with a thud.

    When you awake you find yourself in the middle of a small village. The villagers welcome you, inviting you to join in their festivities. It’s All Hallows Eve after all! You decided to stay for a bit while they offer to repair your wagon but soon things take a dark turn.

    Children are getting violently ill everywhere and the villagers start to turn against you. “This is all your fault!” They point their fingers and demand you fix whatever curse you put upon their children or else it is your head. You plead your innocence but they refuse to listen as more kids become sick.

    “I’ll prove it to you!” You finally exclaim to the angry mob. “I’ll go out and find whoever is responsible and I will cure your children of this sickness!”
    And so your journey begins, can you figure out what exactly is going on in this village? Can you find out who is the true culprit and save these poor children?

    Welcome to Applecraft’s Halloween 2020 Adventure Map!
    Once you do /halloween (from any world) You will be spawned into where our story begins right by the wagon. Go forward through the path towards the town and start your journey by interacting with the NPCs. Make sure you click all the NPCs! If you skip an NPC, you might miss some important clues to help you figure out who the true culprit is! Some NPCs give out valuable information, others give out kits that might help you! remember to set plenty of homes! You will die a lot.

    -Do NOT cheat or share the ending! This is about everyone having fun and enjoying the adventure!
    -The first 3 players to finish the map gets a special prize, but everyone who participates will get a generic prize.
    -Once you have reached the end of the map, turn in all the items (7 relics) you’ve collected to earn your prize! PM tunny#7280 on discord! I repeat that is: tunny#7280 on DISCORD!

    I Would also like to give a huge thanks to Koree, Jess, Eeevvh, Toby Kers. Brok, Misty, SJstoby, SJCreeper, Lupito, Tom, And all the other staff who have been amazing throughout this whole process of building!

    Have fun! A mixed group of staff and some players came together to make this for you all, so remember
    to have fun and enjoy your time playing! :)

  3. [​IMG]

    Hi Applecrafters!

    It's time for our next build competition... and it's HALLOWEEN themed!
    Your build can be absolutely anything as long as it fits the theme. Haunted mansions, spooky forests, or quiet graveyards -- whatever you like!

    To enter you just need to be PLAYER rank or above.
    Click the Build Comp NPC at spawn on the /creative server to start building!
    You can build solo or join a team of up to THREE players (total).
    The competition closes on the 30th of October.
    Submit your builds HERE.

    - - - FIRST PRIZE - - -
    Architect Rank
    $100 USD (via PayPal)

    - - - SECOND PRIZE - - -
    $50 USD (via PayPal)

    - - - THIRD PRIZE - - -
    $25 Applecraft Store Voucher

    $10 Applecraft Store Voucher

    Good luck everyone! If you have questions regarding the competition, please post them below!
  4. [​IMG]

    It's time to announce our new Helpers!

    In total, we had over 300 applications which we then shortlisted down to a list of 40 people. Admins, moderators, and myself then voted on who they thought would be a good fit for the staff team. It was a very difficult process, and there were many tough decisions and close calls. However, our new batch of Helpers are...


    Thank you to everyone who applied for Helper for this round!

  5. [​IMG]

    Hello Applecrafters!
    Hope everyone is well in the current climate and is staying safe. :cool:

    We have been working very hard and are excited to announce "
    Who Dunnit" is back! "Who Dunnit" is a Cluedo style game where the aim is to find who committed a crime!

    Do /mgame from any server (or go through the events portal at spawn) to play the game, and gaze at our amazing build!

    What happened?
    Indie and and Pug are long gone admins but someone has decided to steal their bodies from their graves :eek: !!!

    Go around and speak to the staff and figure out who did it and why – It’s that easy…. Or is it??

    All Admins, Moderators and Helpers and a couple of people who helped to build are hidden all around. Make sure you find them all for the right answer.

    There are
    6 prizes that can be won. You can get 2 keys for a special crate. 1 for guessing the right person and 1 for why. You get a total of 3 guesses.

    Once you think you know who it is and why PM Spanna, Tunny, Diamond or Pixelus on discord and they will sort you out with your crate key. Make sure you specify what world you want the rewards in, Blue, Purple or Red.

    You cannot message and get keys on alt accounts (unless you are siblings etc).

    Go to: Discord.applecraft.org of you are not already part of our discord.

    P.S. We can tell if you have done the work so no cheating.

    P.P.S. Please make sure to pay close attention and also click on the NPCs. There are hidden games everywhere so make sure to be vigilant.

    The event will be active for 2 weeks.

    There is a total of Apple, 9 Admins, 51 Mods, 15 Helpers and 2 Players to speak to. Fairly daunting amount!

    Good Luck and Look Forward to Hearing From you!!

    Hope you enjoy it!

    Spanna and the staff team :)

    Special thanks to all staff who helped and special thanks to jesskeepswimming and ttunasub for lending a helping hand