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    Hello Applecraftians!

    As Christmas is approaching the staff have been working very hard to put on some events for you all to enjoy and be merry!

    Staff have been making their items for the December crate. You will be able to win a Crate key per day in December to win as many of these items as you can.

    There will be a world opening up with many things to explore and do. Just do /CHRISTMAS from any world once this opens.
    There are the following things to do here:

    Back by popular demand for a Christmas edition!
    Board the polar express to find out who has been stealing the Christmas presents!
    Speak to the Admins and figure out who dunnit!
    Message Koree on discord with your answer and which world you are from and she will sort out a prize if you are correct.

    Minigames will be opening up each week and be open for 1 week, there will be prizes for the top 3 (or more) winners in the world of their choosing.

    Parkour - Fastest to Finish
    Dropper - Fastest to Finish
    Boat Race - Fastest to Finish
    Elytra Course - Fastest to Finish
    Ice Fishing - Most Fish Win
    Snowball Fight - Most Hits Win

    The snow globe competition is available for Ranger rank and above. This event costs 32 diamond blocks to enter. Message an Admin for a plot. The competition will close on Christmas day, and winners will be announced in the new year!

    Top Prize: Achitect Rank and largest share of the diamond blocks
    2nd Place: Fly for 2 weeks and Share of the diamond blocks
    3rd Place: Fly for 1 week and share of the diamond blocks

    The place is you to hopefully enjoy and have fun!

    P.S. Cheating in the minigames will get you disqualified and banned from the world.
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    Helloooo everyone!

    Good news! The latest round of Helpers has been announced. As always, thank you to everyone who applied - there were a lot of excellent applications and tough decisions.

    All Helper applications were voted on by the Mod and Admin team to create a shortlist, and we also took into account play time and time zones in our decision.


    If you weren't chosen this time, don't worry! New Helper applications will be posted in a couple of months.

    Please join me in congratulating out latest batch of Helpers! :D
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    Hi everyone,
    The Blue server will be closed from 12pm GMT today for a period of at least 12 hours while the server upgrades to 1.14.4. Thank you for your patience during this time.

    Updates will be posted on Discord. If you haven't joined Discord before, now is a great time!

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    Good news!
    The RED server is updating to Version 1.14.4.
    The bad news is that this means that Red has been temporarily closed while the update takes place.

    During the upgrade, the server processes every chunk in the world and converts it so that it's compatible with the latest version. As the Red server has 26,055,637 chunks (and yes, this is the real number!) this process is going to take a very long time.

    The server will be closed from approximately 4pm GMT, and it is expected that it will be down for at least 12 hours.

    I apologise for the long downtime, however if all goes well Red will be on 1.14.4 in time for the weekend.

    Wish me luck! ;)
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    Hi everyone!

    Here are the latest updates for Applecraft:

    Red and Blue Update To 1.14.4
    Many of you have been asking when Red and Blue will update to 1.14, and the answer is: soon! The main reason we have not updated Red and Blue yet is that performance on 1.14 is far lower than 1.13, which means we'd see more lag in these worlds when we update. However, Paper have developed a patch for async chunk loading which has massively improved performance, which will hopefully be added to the official 1.14 Paper build in the coming week(s). I will be doing some testing next weekend in preparation for the upgrade.

    However, we are still waiting on a few things final things before we can update Red and Blue to 1.14. I will update this list as we go:
    • Async chunk loading added to master Paper build
    • Shops plugin working in 1.14.4
    • LegendShop plugin working in 1.14.4

    Purple Upgrades
    Purple is going to see some improvements this week, too! As part of upgrading Red and Blue to 1.14, I will be adding some new plugins to Purple (the Legend Shop, and Shops plugin) and updating spawn. Purple may experience some short downtime (max 30 minutes) during the week as I add in the shops world and configure some last minute changes. Once we ensure that shops work correctly on 1.14, we can then update Red and Blue.

    Helper Applications Open
    Good news! We are hiring our next round of Helpers again. Please visit THIS THREAD to lodge your Helper application. Helper applications will close on the 24th of August. We are particularly looking for Helpers from the Blue and Purple servers.

    Build Competition
    We will be starting a new build competition for Architect rank next weekend! The goal of this competition is to build a PVP arena. The winning builds will be used in a server event starting later in the year!