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    Hello everyone,
    After reviewing everyone's feedback on the Voice of the Server survey, I have made some very big (and exciting!) changes to Applecraft this weekend.

    NEW 1.14.3 WORLD: PURPLE!
    Do /purple to access the world.
    You must be running the 1.14.3 client.
    Purple features Keep Inventory, claims, and epic items!

    I have bought a new dedicated server for Applecraft.
    Over the next week I will be migrating Red and Blue to the new machine.
    The new machine will help improve overall server lag.

    Unfortunately, we will be closing the Wilderness server on the 31st of July.
    All Wilderness players will be able to transfer all their belongings to the Red server (which is more PVP/raiding focused than Purple and Blue).
    A full explanation & FAQ regarding the migration is HERE.


    When will Blue and Red update?
    Blue and Red will update as soon as possible, most likely within the next week or two after we confirm that Purple is stable. When Red and Blue update to 1.14 their borders will be expanded to generate 1.14 chunks.

    Why did you open Purple?
    I opened Purple to ease some of the pressure on the Blue server, which regularly has more than 100 players online at a single time. I also wanted a fresh 1.14 world with new villages and terrain generation.

    Are Blue and Red closing?
    Blue and Red will never close.
    The Blue, Red, and new Purple server are intended to be long-term servers and will not be reset.

    When will the Warrior crate be released?
    As I spent most of this weekend updating the Purple world, the Warrior crate will be delayed by 1 - 2 days. :(
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    Hi guys! It's time to announce the new Helpers from this most recent round of promotions.

    This time, we asked all Applecraft staff to vote to determine who should be chosen as Helper. We also reviewed people's playtime, timezone, and experience levels. I am delighted to announce the following new Helpers have been chosen:


    ~ RED SERVER ~


    There were a lot of great applications this round. We are actually looking at promoting more helpers from this batch (in addition to the names listed above!) so if you haven't been chosen in this round, you may be chosen in the next week or so.

    Thank you for submitting your applications - keep your eyes peeled for some exciting stuff coming in the next few days!
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    Hi Applecrafters,

    We are looking for Helpers on the Red, Blue, and Wilderness servers! Fill out the application form below for your chance to be selected.

    Applications close on the 22nd of June. :)

    What is your in-game name?
    Which world do you play on?
    How old are you?
    When did you first join Applecraft?
    What is your time zone?
    Why would you make a good Helper?

    UPDATE: Applications have closed.
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    Thank you to everyone who entered our build competition!
    Honestly, I was blown away by the quality of these builds so it has been very hard to make a decision on this competition.

    ~~ FIRST PLACE ~~
    Kersplebedeb's Kaleidoscope map is really fun to play! It's a stand-out in the sense that it changes the way you play tag - it's not just about tagging people, it's also about trying to race your way to the top!
    Kersplebedeb has won ARCHITECT rank on the server.

    ~~ SECOND PLACE ~~
    The level of detail that Pixelus puts into his builds is always fantastic, and this build is no exception! Very fun map, 10/10.
    Pixelus has won a spawn egg of his choice!*

    ~~ THIRD PLACE ~~

    This build makes excellent use of 1.13's swimming system, with underground caves, secret rooms, and some very clever use of armour stands! Although some players spend 90% of their time racing boats above ground, the best sections are all deep below!
    MoreOfUs, James101 and LuciferHD have all won a spawn egg of their choice!*

    I'd like to thank everyone who entered. If you weren't successful this time, there will always be future events! Post an idea for the next build competition below. :D

    * Spawn eggs can only be chosen from the types already available on the server. Please speak to an Admin or myself to collect your reward.
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    Now that creative is back, we're running our first BUILD COMPETITION in a long time!

    The aim of this competition is to build a new TAG MAP ARENA.
    If you haven't played tag before, do /tag on the server to see what it's like!
    Ideally, tag maps should have:

    Lots of hiding places
    Plenty of areas to explore
    Have interconnected paths for escaping

    The tag maps can be ANY theme, and build teams can contain up to FOUR people.
    We will be choosing multiple tag maps that fit our criteria and adding them to the tag minigame. The builders of the map (or maps!) that we consider the best will also win ARCHITECT rank on the server.

    Only players with RANGER rank or above may enter this competition.

    To go to the competition area, do /WARP BUILDCOMP from the CREATIVE server.

    This competition closes on the 5th of May 2019.
    The competition has been extended to Friday the 10th of May!

    More details on how to submit your entry will appear in this thread closer to the date.

    Questions/comments? Post below!​