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    Hello everyone,

    After extensive consultation with the Admins and Moderators we have now chosen a new batch of Helpers. This was a very tough decision; we had 150+ posts in the application thread, and there was a lot of competition for these positions. We chose people based on a number of factors including timezone, main server, length of time played on Applecraft, server activity and behaviour.

    ~ New Helpers ~

    We'd like to thank everyone for applying for Helper. If you'd like feedback on your application, please contact an Admin or myself. We'll have more Helper applications open in the next few months - if you weren't successful this time, we encourage you to apply again. :)
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    Hello everyone!

    This weekend we have two Easter events at the castle to celebrate Easter.

    Easter Egg Hunt

    Hidden throughout the blue and red spawns during the Easter weekend will be Easter eggs for players to hunt and collect!

    WhoDoneIt? Easter Edition

    Trouble has struck at the castle once again! After the egg laying ceremony the Easter Bunny's prized special egg has been stolen from the courtyard! In this cluedo-style minigame, traverse the castle, and talk to the Mods and Admins, starting NOW! to help find out what happened!

    Once you think you have figured out what happened message one of AnarchicMuse, Koliest, Tunny, 2P, or Spanna on Discord with your guess, full username, and world your would like your prize in. Each player gets a maximum of 3 guesses. If you are correct the Easter Bunny will reward you!

    The event can only be done by players once. Prizes can be obtained in either Blue or Red World. No alt accounts are allowed. Spoiling of the answer will result in disqualification/punishment.

    Good luck and have fun!

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    Applications have closed. We will announce promotions after Easter.

    Helloooo everyone!

    For the first time in ages, we are opening HELPER APPLICATIONS! For those who don't know, Helpers are staff on Applecraft that help support the server by monitoring chat, welcoming new players, and helping them start out on the server. It's the first step to getting Moderator rank on the server.

    If you'd like to put your name forward to be Helper, please fill out the form below. We'll close applications next week, after which we'll be in contact with the successful applicants. :)

    What is your in-game name?

    Which world do you play on?
    How old are you?
    When did you first join Applecraft?
    What is your time zone?
    Why would you make a good Helper?
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    After being offline for a few months, the CREATIVE SERVER is back! To get there, do /green or /worlds from anywhere on Applecraft.

    To claim a plot, do /plot auto

    To visit your plot, do /plot home

    To visit someone else's plot, do /plot visit <name> #

    Now that creative is back, we'll be having a build competition soon - keep an eye on the forum for details! :)
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    Hi guys!
    We have a BRAND NEW temporary minigame being released this weekend!
    MelonMarauda has set up a special survival minigame for everyone to play.
    Here is how it works...

    1. You start with SEVEN maps in the Overworld.
    2. Only ONE of the maps leads you to the next set of SEVEN maps.
    3. Only ONE of those maps then takes you to the final set of SEVEN maps.
    4. ONE of these final maps takes you to the prize!

    All people who make it to the end get a prize.
    However, the first group of people to make it to the end will win a SPECIAL PRIZE!
    The map is 20k x 20k. KeepInv is ON, but so is PVP.

    The minigame will be released at:

    12AM GMT on Saturday the 9th of February.