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    Hi Applecrafters,

    We are looking for Helpers on the Red, Blue, and Wilderness servers! Fill out the application form below for your chance to be selected.

    Applications close on the 22nd of June. :)

    What is your in-game name?
    Which world do you play on?
    How old are you?
    When did you first join Applecraft?
    What is your time zone?
    Why would you make a good Helper?

    UPDATE: Applications have closed.
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    Thank you to everyone who entered our build competition!
    Honestly, I was blown away by the quality of these builds so it has been very hard to make a decision on this competition.

    ~~ FIRST PLACE ~~
    Kersplebedeb's Kaleidoscope map is really fun to play! It's a stand-out in the sense that it changes the way you play tag - it's not just about tagging people, it's also about trying to race your way to the top!
    Kersplebedeb has won ARCHITECT rank on the server.

    ~~ SECOND PLACE ~~
    The level of detail that Pixelus puts into his builds is always fantastic, and this build is no exception! Very fun map, 10/10.
    Pixelus has won a spawn egg of his choice!*

    ~~ THIRD PLACE ~~

    This build makes excellent use of 1.13's swimming system, with underground caves, secret rooms, and some very clever use of armour stands! Although some players spend 90% of their time racing boats above ground, the best sections are all deep below!
    MoreOfUs, James101 and LuciferHD have all won a spawn egg of their choice!*

    I'd like to thank everyone who entered. If you weren't successful this time, there will always be future events! Post an idea for the next build competition below. :D

    * Spawn eggs can only be chosen from the types already available on the server. Please speak to an Admin or myself to collect your reward.
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    Now that creative is back, we're running our first BUILD COMPETITION in a long time!

    The aim of this competition is to build a new TAG MAP ARENA.
    If you haven't played tag before, do /tag on the server to see what it's like!
    Ideally, tag maps should have:

    Lots of hiding places
    Plenty of areas to explore
    Have interconnected paths for escaping

    The tag maps can be ANY theme, and build teams can contain up to FOUR people.
    We will be choosing multiple tag maps that fit our criteria and adding them to the tag minigame. The builders of the map (or maps!) that we consider the best will also win ARCHITECT rank on the server.

    Only players with RANGER rank or above may enter this competition.

    To go to the competition area, do /WARP BUILDCOMP from the CREATIVE server.

    This competition closes on the 5th of May 2019.
    The competition has been extended to Friday the 10th of May!

    More details on how to submit your entry will appear in this thread closer to the date.

    Questions/comments? Post below!​
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    Hello everyone,

    After extensive consultation with the Admins and Moderators we have now chosen a new batch of Helpers. This was a very tough decision; we had 150+ posts in the application thread, and there was a lot of competition for these positions. We chose people based on a number of factors including timezone, main server, length of time played on Applecraft, server activity and behaviour.

    ~ New Helpers ~

    We'd like to thank everyone for applying for Helper. If you'd like feedback on your application, please contact an Admin or myself. We'll have more Helper applications open in the next few months - if you weren't successful this time, we encourage you to apply again. :)
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    Hello everyone!

    This weekend we have two Easter events at the castle to celebrate Easter.

    Easter Egg Hunt

    Hidden throughout the blue and red spawns during the Easter weekend will be Easter eggs for players to hunt and collect!

    WhoDoneIt? Easter Edition

    Trouble has struck at the castle once again! After the egg laying ceremony the Easter Bunny's prized special egg has been stolen from the courtyard! In this cluedo-style minigame, traverse the castle, and talk to the Mods and Admins, starting NOW! to help find out what happened!

    Once you think you have figured out what happened message one of AnarchicMuse, Koliest, Tunny, 2P, or Spanna on Discord with your guess, full username, and world your would like your prize in. Each player gets a maximum of 3 guesses. If you are correct the Easter Bunny will reward you!

    The event can only be done by players once. Prizes can be obtained in either Blue or Red World. No alt accounts are allowed. Spoiling of the answer will result in disqualification/punishment.

    Good luck and have fun!