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    ok so I would like to make a respectful complaint against tunny13 on Minecraft
    here is what happened so I had my player rank removed because of my actions against tammertots
    and forza4 witch was wrong of me and I also sent some mean stuff to them in private dms witch I apologized to both and they both understand why and why I acted like that and I was wrong
    but the thing I'm upset about is that he extended it to Friday the problem I'm having is that he stated and I quote "Wednesday to Friday depending on ur behavior" witch I was good u want a witness go to monkeyphudge he is my uncle and the main person I contacted .so like I don't have a prob with tunny . I have a prob with the reason behind the extension which is the pms I sent after I was mean witch after I sent those he said that and removed player rank so I was good like I said go to monkey he was the main one I contacted oh and ajnbgreen I don't want tunny13 demoted or in any truble but I just want hime to give rank back he should only have authority on apple carft dis he is a admin on it not my dms I just fell, likei have no privacy if some one told hime he should have satted that he cant do any thing because he don't control my dms so can some one pls help
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    First of all I’d like to address the fact that your punishment has not been extended because your pms like you are claiming. It has not extended it in any way....

    I even said originally you will be getting your rank back on Wednesday to Friday. And after ur little outbursts at them in the voice chats leading up to your player rank being removed. this as a more than fair punishment for your actions. As your rank was only removed for a few days.

    This decision was no way influenced by pms you sent to the other party, but by the original events that had occurred in the VC...
    as I said before your punishment was to expire Wednesday to Friday, so once again you will be getting your rank back on Friday.
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