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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mikewurtz, Mar 8, 2019.

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    Nov 15, 2017
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    Hi everyone.

    I have a ton of rares that I want to start selling but I have no idea where to begin pricing them. Can anybody please give me price advice on any of the following items (Thank you in advance):

    Drunk's Brew
    Coral of the Deep
    Relafount's Wings
    Smoerni's Speed Sign
    DKKitty's Secret Stash
    Mad's Mad Potion of Madness
    Deimo's Energy Drink
    Xauntlet's Heart
    McCoy's Lamp of Illumination
    Marioz_'s Dreadful Bone
    Purple Easter Egg
    Ckl4klc Baby Black Hat Helmet
    Zero's Black Cat Disguise
    Squizzie's Duckies
    Turtle Shell
    Man's Best Friend
    Santa Disguise Helm
    Gargle Gargle
    iPazo's Go-Kart
    Pufferfish Disguise
    Tropical Fish Disguise
    FlaPPy Boii
    Roses' Deadly Rose Bush
    2P's Susanoo
    Santa's Deceased Elf
    Baby Dolphin Disguise
    Han Solos Blaster
    Eater of Worlds
    Dumericuse's Golden Arrow
    Drunk's Bottle Opener
    Sweneys Paragon Axe
    Gingie the Stale Gingerbread Man
    Raging Love
    TomDoomed's Fortune Feather
    Double XP Pick
    Drunks Multishot
    Aris Snow Bow
    Bow of Fireballs
    Axe of Flames
    Invisibility Sword
    Blade of Grass
    DeathMatrix's Soul Collection
    Yellowqueens Mystical Crown Shard
    Waffles Butter Stick
    Totem of Greenstone
    Audinis Stardust
    TamsinCrowes Glowing Chicken Egg
    Love is Blind
    Rages booster rocket
    2Ps Dragon Ball
    Domos Fluffy Winter Coat
    A Baby Born to Defeat Death
    SilverShades Head
    CapsicumEagles Fish of Gratitude
    Smoernis Symbol of Shit
    Applebranchs Heart
    Remnant of the Blue World
    ComradeJubilees Precious
    Addeves Advent Torch
    Don't Go Breaking My Heart
    Sexy Boots
    SirEdricks #FishLegs
    Unbreakable Helmet
    Boots of Slowfall
    Pures Ice Skating Boots
    Spores old Admin Boots
    Boots of Sprinting
    Cow Egg
    Blaze Egg
    Llama Egg
    Mooshroom Egg
    Clarence the Turtle Egg
    Ocelot Spawn Egg
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    Feb 7, 2019
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    o fucking hell
    Ok there we go

    Drunk's Brew, if you sell this you are a legend. At the most for 1db lol
    Coral of the Deep, 48-64
    Relafount's Wings, idk around 32-48
    Smoerni's Speed Sign. 20-32
    DKKitty's Secret Stash. idk
    Mad's Mad Potion of Madness, at the most for 3 db
    Deimo's Energy Drink, ill buy it, msg me ill offer 3 db per potion
    Xauntlet's Heart, 25-32 db
    McCoy's Lamp of Illumination, around 20 db
    Marioz_'s Dreadful Bone, like 15 maybe less
    Purple Easter Egg, 32 db maybe more
    Ckl4klc Baby Black Hat Helmet, like 48-64
    Zero's Black Cat Disguise, 48
    Squizzie's Duckies, 32
    Turtle Shell, whut not a rare
    Man's Best Friend, i sell for 32, people will buy for 20
    Santa Disguise Helm, like 25
    Gargle Gargle, 48-64
    iPazo's Go-Kart, 20 bcus its broken
    Pufferfish Disguise, 64 db
    Tropical Fish Disguise, 64 db
    FlaPPy Boii, A LOT. IDK
    Roses' Deadly Rose Bush, like 15
    2P's Susanoo, like 15
    Santa's Deceased Elf, like 15
    Baby Dolphin Disguise, 64
    Han Solos Blaster, idk
    Eater of Worlds, 32 maybe 48
    Dumericuse's Golden Arrow, idk 10?
    Drunk's Bottle Opener, 32?
    Sweneys Paragon Axe. people dont really buy it but i guess 25 or something
    Gingie the Stale Gingerbread Man, hmm around 32
    Raging Love, the bow? I guess 48
    TomDoomed's Fortune Feather, like 12 db
    Double XP Pick, 48
    Drunks Multishot, 15
    Aris Snow Bow, 15
    Bow of Fireballs, 64 or more
    Axe of Flames, 64
    Invisibility Sword. 55 but i guess less no one buys the damn swords
    Blade of Grass, idk i guess 48-64
    DeathMatrix's Soul Collection, depends if its never placed (dont know prices tho)
    Yellowqueens Mystical Crown Shard, ?
    Waffles Butter Stick, ?
    Totem of Greenstone, ?
    Audinis Stardust, ?
    TamsinCrowes Glowing Chicken Egg, around 48 db
    Truthbombs, 10 or less
    Love is Blind, 16-32 db
    Rages booster rocket, around 10
    2Ps Dragon Ball, 64
    Domos Fluffy Winter Coat, 25 or less idk
    A Baby Born to Defeat Death, no idea
    SilverShades Head, like 48-64
    CapsicumEagles Fish of Gratitude wow i never heard of this one
    Smoernis Symbol of Shit, 15
    Applebranchs Heart, 32
    Remnant of the Blue World, 64
    ComradeJubilees Precious, ?
    Addeves Advent Torch, like 10 db
    Don't Go Breaking My Heart, hmm idk 48?
    Sexy Boots, 32 or less
    SirEdricks #FishLegs, ill buy for stack
    Unbreakable Helmet, like 32
    Boots of Slowfall, 64
    Pures Ice Skating Boots, 35
    Boots of Sprinting, 48-64
    Cow Egg, hmm 6 db
    Blaze Egg, 28 db
    Llama Egg, like 32 db
    Mooshroom Egg, 25
    Clarence the Turtle Egg, idk
    Ocelot Spawn Egg, 16 db

    Cheers! ;)
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  3. EpicHyato

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    Mar 22, 2017
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    Huge props, R0B1N0!
  4. TheNickWylde

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    Jul 10, 2018
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    The speed signs are 5 db because they are not unplaceable, dk's stash is about 12 db because it gives like almost every particle. And sweneys pick is about 32-48 because it has AMAZING durability, I mined for a hour with eff6 and it only lost like 10 durability.
  5. TheNickWylde

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    Jul 10, 2018
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    Cow eggs is also 10 db
  6. mikewurtz

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    Nov 15, 2017
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    Thank you all for your input. R0B1N0, I know I thanked you in game but I will say again that I really appreciate you taking the time to respond with so much.
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