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    hi lads, i'm kersplebedeb.

    today marks one year since my return to applecraft, so i figure it's about damn time to tell you all how i got here. indulge me for a short while as i take a stroll down memory lane.

    my 'applecraft' journey actually starts way back in 2015, before the server even existed. i used to play on gladius, apple's old anarchy server, with the ign CobaltBlu3. the only people i actually remember from back then are apple and puggernauts (i never actually told apple this since i didn't want to seem like a suck-up, so it'll be interesting to see if she reads this lmao). i quit gladius after a number of months of pretty consistent play when my base got nuked by a griefing group called the watchers. good times.

    in early 2016 i started looking for a new server to play on, and stumbled across the name applebranch while browsing recently updated vanilla servers. i don't remember my exact join date, but i know i was in the first couple of thousand of players to join the server (the old join numbers next to names in the tab menu ayee). the first thing that happened when i joined was puggers saying "oh hey i know you" in chat and promptly setting me up in his town, omashu. the good old days. iirc i stopped playing once school went back, and didnt play again for about 18 months.

    i came back for a while in mid-to-late 2017 with a new name, Talladega (no i don't like nascar, i just thought the name was cool okay), saw the transition from old red and blue to new purple (current blue), and stopped playing again in early 2018 due to loss of interest in the game.

    i didn't play again until march 22, 2019, a year ago today. once again wearing a new name and ready for a fresh start, i started getting into the community and was really enjoying the economy aspect of the server. a tag map build competition was announced, and i came up with a dope idea that i executed just well enough to win the competition and net myself a swanky architect tag for mad street cred.

    i then had one of the former admins, murphy, talk me into applying for helper. i somehow got picked for promotion and was incessantly welcoming new players for a month and a half before being promoted to mod. i was mod for just over six months before real life started getting so busy for me that i no longer had the time to be a staff member.

    and that brings us up to now. i still pop on from time to time, and i throw in my two cents occasionally on the discord server, but hey, that's what a busy life does to ya. if anything, i hope that anyone new to the server or just sinking in roots reading this does what i did and really gets into the community - applecraft is a wonderful place full of excellent, weird as fuck but incredibly supportive people, and it's the kind of place that will love you back if you give it a red hot chance #notsponsored.

    thanks for listening to this old pirate ramble, i wholly appreciate it c:

    take care lads, i'll see you around in game,
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    heya kers
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    Yo-ho, Sebastian
    Let's go far away
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    Yo-ho, Sebastian
    I want to love you good
    We deserve much better than we've had.

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