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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Wiggycat314, Dec 4, 2019.

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    Alright, this is something I've been working on for the last two months. I wanted to wait to go public with it until I archived a good portion of the rares, and with the completion of the Crates page (Spring 2019 is missing because I was away for that month. Warrior crate is missing because I only have small images with low resolution of those items and I didn't want to put those up. The Advent Crate 2019 will go up at the end of the month because a handful of the items are hidden, and some not even added to the crate yet, and I want to be able to display the crate as a whole), I feel like it's to a point to where players will be happy with what I have up there so far. The wiki is far from being complete, there are a good portion of pages with dead links and missing content, but I will continue to work on this. Please, if there is any information up that is incorrect and you can prove your case with evidence, please let me know here or on the wiki and I'll investigate it and make adjustments.

    PS, the site isn't really well formatted for mobile, so sorry if some images are gigantic and don't fit on the screen.

    I've already had people request to be editors of the page, but I'm holding off on that for the time being. I'm waiting to see how the dynamics will change with the site being public. The standards I have set for the images that go on there are also pretty strict, a simple cropped screenshot of a rare textbox is not good enough. Getting others to follow the same process that involves making the images would be difficult to coordinate. But once I've figured that out, I'll open the site up to editors.
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    This is incredible.
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    @Wiggycat314 speak to tunny, arcalas or myself if you want access to our collection for the wiki. This is sick dude

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