Arlendo doesn't like me

Discussion in 'Issues & Reports' started by coolesttimmy, May 12, 2019.

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    May 11, 2019
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    I love Arlendo, though!
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    Nov 8, 2018
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    Hi there, cooltimmy7,

    since you showed up in the server today, you displayed yourself to the community with a trolly mood. You were being a total jerk to everyone in chat, looking to start up discussions with whoever typed.

    [17:09:48]cooltimmy7 has logged in.
    [17:10:52]RECRUIT : cooltimmy7 > if anyone needs some help just ask me, im pretty much the staff the server needs
    [17:10:59]HELPER : aeliny > anyone wanna build a house in my town? :)
    [17:11:05]RECRUIT : cooltimmy7 > no nobody likes your town it sucks
    [17:11:12]HELPER : aeliny > that's mean
    [17:11:18]RECRUIT : cooltimmy7 > the truth hurts
    [17:11:28]RECRUIT : cooltimmy7 > next questip [17:11:31]im all ears
    [17:11:47]thats not a question[17:12:04]next question[17:12:19]next question
    [17:11:59]TITAN : Skullbane > who sells tripwires
    [17:12:02]RECRUIT : cooltimmy7 > nobody [17:12:04]next question
    [17:12:42]CHAMPION : SavageSkid > i like this place u have here
    [17:12:49]RECRUIT : cooltimmy7 > savageskid is lying [17:12:51]next question
    [17:13:38]leave the server and never come back [17:13:40]next question
    [17:14:10]TITAN : Skullbane > who sells tripwire hooks
    [17:14:16]cooltimmy7 > nobody make them yourself [17:14:18]next question​

    Then there was this incidence of an edgy comment you made, which annoyed many people in the server. A "dark joke which I'n sure Arlendo will bring up, but make sure he also brings up the fact that I immediately realized it was wrong and apologized".

    [17:20:25]TITAN : albinoorange > how to regain your virginity
    [17:20:30]RECRUIT : cooltimmy7 > take a toddler's
    Your following messages, and no sign of apology.
    [17:20:33]RECRUIT : cooltimmy7 > shit thats too dark aint it
    [17:20:56]RECRUIT : cooltimmy7 > im never gonna lose my virginity cause i never lose​

    It is part of the server rules not to bring controversial topics in chat to avoid any discussion going out of control. You seemed to not care about this at all and kept throwing disrespectful comments even though you were warned multiple times not only by me but other staff as well.

    [17:22:48]RECRUIT : cooltimmy7 > god doesn't care if you're atheist
    [17:23:46]HELPER : aeliny > lets not discuss religion in global
    [17:25:43]RECRUIT : cooltimmy7 > god is nobody's friend
    [17:25:58]RECRUIT : cooltimmy7 > god hates all

    [17:26:21][Arlendo -> cooltimmy7] You were told not to bring religion arguements in chat
    [17:26:28][cooltimmy7 -> Arlendo] i was not told that​

    You persisted in bothering other players, targeting one that was sick of your rubbish in his chat.

    [17:29:31]RECRUIT : cooltimmy7 > i dont wanna get muted for bullying children
    [17:29:42]ELITE : Dunas_child > aeliny
    [17:29:46]ELITE : Dunas_child > tell him to stfu
    [17:30:27]HELPER : aeliny > dunas, you can /ignore
    [17:30:30]RECRUIT : cooltimmy7 > yeah dunas [17:30:32]dunas the dumbass [17:30:33]<3​

    [17:28:45]RECRUIT : cooltimmy7 > im gonna call myself zeus
    [17:31:59]RECRUIT : cooltimmy7 > so as zeus [17:32:01]i made a few mistakes [17:32:05]dunas_child being one of them
    [17:32:18]ELITE : Dunas_child > go die in a hole where your mother lays​

    I proceeded to tempmute you after several warnings for general disrespectfulness and ignoring staff, then told Dunas_child to calm down about his previous statement.

    After your tempmute expired, you started complaining about being muted and me showing supposed acts of favoritism. I proceeded to explain your situation and Duna's, making it clear for you to understand that both players are being treated the same way, and there are no other factors influencing your punishments.

    [17:43:03]RECRUIT : cooltimmy7 > also why was i muted but sunas was not [17:43:08]that seems like favoratism
    [17:43:45][Arlendo -> cooltimmy7] I warned you 3 times and you didn't want to cut it. You got muted then
    [17:44:53][Arlendo -> cooltimmy7] I warned him as well. He keeps going he gets muted. You were baiting tf out of him
    [17:46:11][cooltimmy7 -> Arlendo] i didnt even say anything wrong when you muted me
    [17:46:51][cooltimmy7 -> Arlendo] i was making jokes that he was getting pissed at the entire time [17:46:53]and i was the one that got mute
    [17:46:43][cooltimmy7 -> Arlendo] he told me to "stfu" many many times and was constantly insulting me
    [17:47:06][ Arlendo -> cooltimmy7 ] Yeah. that's what you wanted to obtain from targeting him. And your "grab a toddler's virginity" comment wasn't anything near to subtleness.​

    This pointless nonsense went on for some time...

    [17:47:38][cooltimmy7 -> Arlendo] all you got from you being one-sided is that i made a dark joke and immediately apologized for it? [17:47:46]but you're not going to include the fact that i immediately apologized for it [17:47:51]no no, that would make my case better [17:47:55]which isn't at all what you want[17:48:01]you want to make me seem like the bad guy[17:48:13]even know dunas was saying worse things to me and you're majorly one-sided​ the point of crawIing for attention. I know not to feed the troll, though.

    [17:49:29][cooltimmy7 -> Arlendo] do you have a rebuttal or are you just going to ignore your wrongdoings?
    [17:50:58][Arlendo -> cooltimmy7] I'ma "ignore my wrongdoings". thank you very much.
    [17:51:22][cooltimmy7 -> Arlendo] alright, thats what i would expect from biased staff
    [17:51:29][ cooltimmy7 -> Arlendo ] how do i report you? [17:51:31]may i have a link?
    [17:52:35][ Arlendo -> cooltimmy7 ] Our forums are at​

    In conclusion, you recieved several warnings in chat and pms, I then proceeded to kick you with a message to quit being obnoxious and be respectful. You ignored all of this, so a mute fell on you.
    The other player, Dunas_child, was warned about his behavior and told not to bring up comments like the one he did. He understood and moved on.
    If you don't like being muted, pay attention to what the staff and other players tell you about your pronouncements, and avoid bringing disrespectful, incoherent and questionable remarks in the future.

    Have a good day.
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  3. coolesttimmy

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    May 11, 2019
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    woah where did that come from :(
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  4. MelonMarauda

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    TF is wrong with you Timmy .-.
  5. CoreLyrixian

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    Sep 16, 2018
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    If you act like a troll, then you will be treated as such. Continued behavior like this is most unacceptable and will end in an eventual ban.
    Please take care, in the future, to follow our rules.
  6. Nadz

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    Dec 16, 2018
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    Why are we allowing people who make paedophilic jokes on the server?
    Goddamn disgusting.
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  7. Woody2Minecraft

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    Jan 4, 2018
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    So professionally taken care of. Makes me glad that we have staff like this.
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