Ban Appeal (sort of false)

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    In-game name: raptor01
    Ban date: 13th of July
    Ban reason (if known): X-ray
    Moderator who banned (if known): Arlendo
    Comments/explanation: I've been using a few legal mods like optifine and a coordinates mod. Due to the coordinates mod not working I use a form of Xray mod that shows the coordinates. I do admit to using the xray a few times and I regret doing so. I understand if my ban won't be lifted but I was hoping to further explain myself on discord. (I won't use the my brother/sister did it excuses).

    Edit: I already removed the mod, I really don't want any troubles and love to play on this server.

    [2] To the moderator that banned me: Is it possible I can further explain my case on discord or anything?
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