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    “Only the Jew knew that by an able and persistent use of propaganda heaven itself can be presented to the people as if it were hell and, vice versa, the most miserable kind of life can be presented as if it were paradise. The Jew knew this and acted accordingly. But the German, or rather his Government, did not have the slightest suspicion of it. During the War the heaviest of penalties had to be paid for that ignorance.

    Why is the controversial?? It is BULLSHIT like this that is going to destroy the west and i am being censored for speaking my mind like this is fucking SAUDI ARABIA! MAGA REEEEEEEEEEE
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    hi i was online while you were going off in general chat and wile we do allow some degree of freedom this is minecraft a childs game about building houses not political correctness so please take your racism and hate speach somewhere else as you will not be getting unbanned
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