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    In-game name: Log1c3
    Ban date: 9/12/2019
    Ban reason (if known): X-ray
    The moderator who banned (if known): Malpatch
    Firstly when I join the server mods started asking me if I was this thebrentist because I was supposedly using a hack. After a while they let me go and I was truly thankful and whoever this thebrentist guy, screw you. Anyways a few days later, I was accused of using hacks again and they asked me if I was thebrentist the bastard. By the way, I am not using hacks. I searched this up about the hack. tunnels not lit, I did that to not waste coal and was dual-wielding a light source... I have optifine. Why my tunnels twist as they seem to go to diamonds. That's because I see dirt or gravel walls blocking my way and is such a hassle to get rid. Another reason I turn is due to the water or lava. Another reason I turn is due to large veins of ores, I thought that moving in the direction of ores would give me more luck ( Excludes coal and sometimes iron ). I know it is stupid but I believe in this kind of stuff alright. If anything I did made it seem I was hacking I won't do that ill mine straight. But if I don't find ores and want to turn don't accuse me of walking to diamonds. The silverfish thing, I can see them because I edited the textures for silverfish blocks. If that is not allowed ill revert it back. If they are any suspicions tell me ill clear em up. Thank you, hope to receive a reply soon. Search this to see the editing I used for proof { How to find the Default Resource Pack and editing Parent Textures (e.g Bookshelves & Stone Monster Egg) }

    I just want to add, I know I have backtracked while mining and seemed to have gone to diamonds. If you could kindly review my previous mining areas, I have always backtracked when unable to find ores consistently. As a result, I find another place to start mining out. I chose these mining places because I thought it would not interfere with my other tunnels but sometimes they just intersect I cant prevent that. so when I walk and see that the area is small, I just dig tunnels across. Why I widen the tunnels or lower them? you see before I lowered them there were stairs to go up and come down on the other side. I thought it was troublesome to climb up climb down so I leveled it. For widening, I did it out of no notion, like actually. You can see from my other mining spots that I do widen for no actual reason. Finding diamonds were just a coincidence. But it seemed by doing these notions I have found a considerable amount of diamonds so I understand why you may suspect me of using hacks. FYI I reverted the texture for silverfish blocks. That's all for now. Malpatch please consider. If there is undeniable proof that I am supposedly using hacks, I mean there is nothing else I can do then to wait for ban period to be over. But honestly stop pushing other hacker's names onto other people. Pls, investigate properly before accusing them of the name of a hacker. Pls it is actually frustrating to take the blame of someone else's wrongdoings when we are not actually in the wrong.
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    Hi Log1c3,

    I am the moderator that banned you. Thanks for using the correct ban appeal format.

    Attached are screenshots of your mine tunnels which led me to the decision to ban you. (edited to show direction and which ores were dug in what order. Each blue circle represents not just diamonds but also iron/gold/emerald/redstone/silverfish)
    Upon first glance, it does seem that you're mining normally, albeit randomly, but there were too many instances where you'd turn directions or alter your 'y' altitude, as well as instances where you'd run back and start digging into a random direction, to conveniently hit diamonds & other ores.
    And yes, using texture packs to reveal locations of silverfish is still a form of x-ray and thus a punishable offence.


    Furthermore, upon further review of your case, I believe you and theBrentist to be the same person as you both share the same IP (you saying you don't know them is thoroughly strange) and you had joined the server after theBrentist had been banned.
    As such, your 7 day temporary ban has been upgraded to a permanent ban.

    I hope you enjoyed your time here in Applecraft and wish you the best on your future endeavors.

    Kind regards,
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