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    Ok, so I have this problem right now, where I get kicked for copy/pasting my short story for @Addeve 's competition.

    I write all my short stories on Evernote, so I always have access to them.
    And in the past it haven't caused me any problems whatsoever, so I don't know if it because of that, but I doubt it.

    Anyways, when I begin copy/pasting line for line and "save" the book every other page by exiting the book, then I reach a point, around page 10-15, where I get kicked with a message saying my book is too large.
    This makes no sense, when the limit is 50 pages! I've written a book the same way as this one, and it was 48 pages or so and there were no problem. Same method, copy/paste from Evernote, done deal.

    How tf do I go about this? Is there something an admin can do? Or maybe @applebranch can be of some help here? I really hope this problem can be resolved.

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