Claim Blocks as Red World Vote Rewards

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Zero_83, Aug 9, 2018.

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    I've seen others complain about this issue. And I keep hearing several different stories that it's an error, to 1.13 plug-in errors, to lag, even tick speeds because of lag...honestly I don't know what's what anymore. Any of these things, from what I read, shouldn't effect claim blocks. Before I was getting 75 claim blocks and hour now after 8 hours of afking I got nothing...and I'm sorry but that's just down right frustrating.

    So instead of bitching because of what the reason is...maybe they can be apart of the Red World's Vote Rewards; also being Rank Exclusive. Meaning that paid ranks have a better chance of getting the claim blocks including getting more. This...I believe will make everyone (including myself) much happier knowing there is something that we can do to protect land we want to rather then waiting 20 hours for limited to no claim blocks.

    Thank you.
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    yeah a number of us have had this problem, sometimes you get them.. sometimes u get reduced numbers... sometimes u get none... it is beyond frustrating especially when just starting out and you are hungry for some /need them the most. at first, i thought it was like only awarding them if you did certain things for a certain % of the time.. aka don't stand still for the hour, but honestly, i have no clue what is up.

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