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    Whilst playing on red server either yesterday or the day before I was attempting to kill people that had roamed out of their claim for some good loot. Upon scouting out various bases I realised that 'CraftAtlantic had a rather poor claim boundary and therefore would be a prime opportunity to try and lure him out of his claim for killing. Due to the fact there were several people in the claim I decided that I could do with a claim in the area, therefore I decided to claim an area 50 blocks away from the boundary to his claim in order to provide both a safezone when attempting to kill people and a suitable place to situate my carrot farm that I'm in really dire need of. I then later logged off for the night.

    Today I am then playing the server and am greeted with series of messages off CraftAtlantic enquiring about the claim 50 blocks away from his boundary. He asked if I would remove the claim and I said no, which I had every right to do. Then after various other messages of him asking me to remove the claim I came to the decision of offering to remove the claim for a price. This means that he can continue building and expanding all he wants, and I am reimbursed for the claim that really was in a prime spot for scouting his base. The price I mentioned was 32DiamondBlocks. After some negotiating on the terms it was settled that I would remove the claim and stop pestering him and trying to lure him and we both followed through, he payed me and I removed the claim and left.

    Roughly 1-2 hours after the events described I went into the chest that holds my valuables to notice a stack of DB sitting at 32. Noticing that this was wrong, considering I had screenshots of the loot I had earlier that day I asked Tully to check if the chest had been touched. He told me that iPazo had removed half a stack of DB from the chest for scamming someone. Throughout the conversation Tully told me that it was regarding the deal made with CraftAtlantic over the claim. We had a short conversation and I asked if he could put me in touch with iPazo. After managing to get in touch with iPazo he told me that what I was doing was 'Extorting' CraftAtlantic which was not allowed. We discussed this for a short while and he remained firm in his decision that I would not have the DB back and neither would I get the claim back.

    I have various issues with this series of events.

    The first issue is that I am not sure how i was extorting CraftAtlantic at all. Pazo stated that it was because i gave him no choice but to pay me however, the claim was there for a day or two before they even noticed it so did they really care about the land. Also, they have been building in that location for months and not claimed that land, so why did they NEED to pay me to leave, they had all the rights to just leave my claim there, it clearly wasn't bothering them because they didn't take the time to claim the land in the first place.
    Secondly, if the deal was in fact against the rules then why wasn't my claim reinstated. I asked Pazo that if the deal was against the rules and he got the DB back then can I get the claim back and he said "No" and when asked why his response was "Because I say so". This confused me on many levels because the claim was WELL WITHIN THE RULES.
    The third issue is that even if it was against the rules, which it isn't, then why are Admins going through my chest and taking out items without even telling me. In fact, I'm not convinced that i would have even known about the whole situation had i not noticed the DB missing and decided to message Tully. Surely if I have broken the rules then I should be the first person to know?

    All in all, the situation can be broken down into two parts do see if it is against the rules.
    Firstly, is the claim breaking any rules. It was over 50 blocks away from any other claim and therefore it does not break any rules.
    Secondly, was CraftAtlantic deciding to pay me to move, against the rules. No, considering he was the one that messaged me asking me to move the claim, I'm not sure how this can even be remotely classed as 'Extortion'. And I will mention again, if the land meant that much to them, why didn't they claim it in the last 1Month+ they have been building there. It was said that i left them "No option" but the obvious option is to not pay me at all and leave my claim alone.

    Another thing that I would like to mention is that the exact same situation occured a few days earlier near GuessWho_Kos's town. Again the target was a very active player,wearing rares, that I wanted to kill. In order to have a safe place to scout from I made a claim, beyond the 50 block radius. After a bit of a flare up between me and GuessWho the admin 'Murphy' decided to pay me 20DB to remove the claim.

    So either Pazo or Murphy is wrong because one is paying me to remove claims and the other is saying paying me to remove claims is extortion.

    Thank you for taking the time to read all this, I realise its a bit hefty.
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    iPazo has been kinda a jerk in some cases, and if the person had wanted the claim removed could have asked pazo, and if it was fine with the rules, and pazo removed it that would be wrong and against the rules. But you should have offered the guy to battle for it and then you would have gotten his rares and could remove the claim. Basically I am saying what pazo did was most likely wrong, however i do play on blue so idk about red rules

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