Death threat from another player

Discussion in 'Issues & Reports' started by Rage1124, Mar 25, 2019.

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    I was farming exp on red at xHero_'s blaze farm and then Tapinator (Tapani) dropped down onto the hoppers from the chute above. I assumed he was just trolling me because he started killing the mobs not allowing me to get exp so I stayed on the pressure plate to teach him a lesson. Apparently he tp'd and his sethome glitched which threw him into the exp farm. He told me to get off the pressure plate but I did not because at the time I still thought he was trolling. It wasn't till after he tp'd out that he said his sethome glitched so then he got unreasonably angry and started calling me names and such which I don't care, meh. Then he made a death threat of which I screen shot. I don't know if you take action on these kinds of things but I thought it should be brought to staff's attention. I'll have to pm the screens shot because when linked it isn't a high enough resolution to see the chat.
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    ^ Looking into this

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