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Discussion in 'Issues & Reports' started by Meoweon, Dec 24, 2018.

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    Apr 10, 2017
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    Hey there! To start off this is not a major issue so feel free to push it to the back burner if something more serious pops up that needs to be dealt with.

    My issue has to do with our nametag above our heads in game and how they used to match our paid rank. When i had Hero my name was yellow, likewise with Elite but that was awhile. Now when i bought Champion my name remains white and so forth with Immortal. i know other players who have their respected nametag color but most of the time i see white. This issue extends to the other side of the coin with helpers. Some ex-helpers still have green nametags and likewise.

    Any who, like i said in the beginning of this post. This isn't a big issue and it doesn't effect my game play on this server. Its just something that i thought should be brought to your attention. Thanks for reading.
    Have a good holiday!
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    I believe apple is able to fix this, it's just a matter of when she remembers and has the time.
    I do miss the coloured names though, they were nice.
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