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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by WHYdidyouSHOOT, May 24, 2018.

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    Hello It is WHYdidyouSHOOT aka Nalek9 and I have some suggestions for future crate items for the EPIC CRATE.

    Feel free to add to some or take away from in the comments or just have general feedback for them there also.

    Thank you everyone who will take their time looking over the Items listed below. Much love and hate.


    Item Name: Boom Boi
    Description: A Disguise hat that makes you look like a Charged Creeper

    Item Name: Applebranch's Bane
    Description: A Diamond or Iron Axe that chops a whole tree with a exception to jungle trees and other larger trees to help with the lag if this gets in the crate or maybe like a AOE type of effect like 4 X 4 X 4 blocks

    Item Name: Golden Spoon
    Description: Unbreakable Golden Shovel that can be used for claims.

    Item Name: 10,000 Claim Blocks Token
    Description: See Title ( Doesn't really needed to be added if you think it shouldn't)

    Item Name: Withered Hat
    Description: A Disguise hat that makes you look like a Wither Boss. ( If you are using a epic crate for the Nether Event this might be used in that)

    Item Name: Solar Flare
    Description: Fire Aspect 10 Diamond Sword with a special ability of immunity of fire.

    Item Name: Rainbow Peep
    Description: Since June is Pride Month might as well add something for those peeps. A Disguise hat that makes you look like the jeb_ Sheep. How Fabulous!
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    Don't count on the 10k claimblocks, they are already in the donation shop, so it would be bad business to offee it out for free. :)

    But great ideas otherwise. :D

    I will just throw this one in, much less creative:
    24 hours fly token, that gets activated each time one puts it to good use, so it effectively is a full 24 hours fly and not as it is right now (as I've been told), where it's a count down to 0 from you activate it, so you only have 24 hours effective fly if you play the full 24 h out in one stretch.

    And also either way, the new or current fly token, make it a permanent prize in the crate. :p
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    Jun 5, 2017
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    jeb_ sheep disguise is stupid we need rainbow leather armor!!!!!
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  5. JinxDeGod

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    Jan 27, 2018
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    iTS pride month please be gayer
    R A I N B O W

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