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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by dench781, Oct 7, 2019.

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    I came to Applecraft shortly after Purple was created. One of the best parts of Purple was it being a new server, which brings along a lot of interesting things that go on early in the life of a new map.

    It's been a blast. The staff on purple is great, the server post hotfix for 1.14.4 has been very reasonable and overall it's a fun experience. However, with the addition of shops it's become a little to easy to do just about anything.

    I noted that there was a wild server here for a short time when I 1st came here and I noticed that it was taken down. If I remember correctly it was due to lack of use and a hostile playerbase. I came from Craftymines, which attempts to run a Vanilla experience so I really like that play style, which is what either red or blue (i cant remember which) more closely resemble. However, that server when I left it had a bizarre administration team and the population was in decline, and looks to be pretty low now compared to how it used to be - which is no wonder.

    Anywho, is there a chance of a future new server that has less protections? Example, small claim only, items not kept on death, etc? I find that on purple post shop everything is just a little to easy and frankly it pulls a lot of excitement out of it. Not looking for a greifing simulator, but definitely something thats not post scarcity easily. I figured with the Nether and Mountain updates coming out perhaps it would be a good idea?
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    Aloha :)

    Thanks for asking, great question! Personally, I would answer no because of how Wilderness (that server you referred to seeing when you first joined here) was difficult to run for a few reasons. I think if we look for an experience similar to Wilderness, it would more likely come through in some kind of monthly event, which could be cool and fun!


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