Hey guys, I guess it's time for an introduction

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    Okay, First of all, I should start with me name. My name is RiptidePlayzMC.
    How old am I?
    I am 14, I turn 15 on November 26
    How long have I been playing AppleCraft?
    It's hard to know exactly, but I started in early June 2017
    What's my favorite color(s)?
    Blue and White
    Am I popular?
    I would say no, I am just an average player
    Who is my best friend in game?
    It's hard to say, I can't choose between Endavin13 and Krispie28
    What is my hobbies in game?
    Well, on AppleCraft I tend to fish, go treasure hunting, help people, and farm the turtles
    And what is my hobbies irl?
    Well, I like to draw, animate, and well... I like to eat to be honest XD
    In AppleCraft, who has helped you the most?
    Well, it really depends on what kind of help. Krispie28 was my friend when I had no friends, StarlightMoon97 gave me food when I was starving in an ender city, as well has helped me a lot of other ways, and finally, Endavin13, who has helped me see who I am and not what others think I am.
    Well, That's about it AppleCrafters! Have fun and play some Minecraft XD
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