I have been banned for x-ray?

Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by dispigel, Jun 12, 2019 at 2:44 AM.

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    I do not understand why I got banned, I did not get a chance to be asked. I simply got banned. It does not make sense, I am a hero rank which I payed for. There is no way I would x-ray if I was risking my money! Please respond soon, I think there was a misunderstanding...
    In-game name: idospigelman
    Ban date: 6/11/2019
    Ban reason (if known): xraying
    Moderator who banned (if known): Flame_Star1
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    May 20, 2017
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    Hey! First off, I sent you two direct messages, so you did have "a chance to be asked".
    Let's keep the rest of this short and simple!

    Here is where I first noticed you. To the left side of this image you can see where you dug directly down to the same level as a set of diamonds (mined out on the right side of the screen).
    Then, you looked around and began to dig down to some more diamonds. You can be seen digging directly down in this image.
    Once you reached this level, you mined directly into another set of diamonds. (Digging into some bedrock for a bit too might I add. Tsk, tsk, pickaxes can't mine through that you know. Actually, you didn't know because you couldn't see it.)
    Again, you tried to reach the diamonds through bedrock... Sorry, this isn't really relevant. I'm just getting a bit sidetracked by the xray fails.
    Here you are making a sharp left turn, directly into some diamonds, as seen below.
    At this point, I was prepared to ban you, but while I was typing commands, you ran into two more sets of ores! As you can see, you mined directly to those veins as well.
    Here is one last image, in case you need all five veins highlighted to you, as you traveled directly from one to the next.
    Anyways, I believe it is pretty clear that there was not, in fact, "a misunderstanding". As for your hero rank, if you spend your money, I would recommend being a bit more careful about following the rules.

    You will remain banned, but you may return in 7 days. Please remove your xray when you return. Hope to see you in a week!
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