i was falsely banned

Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by Hunter Boman, Jan 16, 2020 at 12:24 AM.

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    ingame name:cowmasta
    ban date: jan/15/2020
    ban reason: hacked cleint
    moderator who banned: fantastic_oreo
    i was banned for having a hacked client, i in fact don't, they were saying i had no fall which is not true, i was just mining then the server would lag me back, im serious, ik it sounds not real, but i was mining for coal when it happend and i was really just laggy, it kept un mining blocks and teleporting me around, then all of the sudden it was teleported up high then hit off, i was not using any hacked cleints of anysort, i was just banned for a week for x-raying so i deleted it because i wanted just to play with my brother, youknowit665, we were just vibing then i was perm banned, i was just really laggy and i did NOT have anti fall of no fall or wahtever it its, i would like to be unbanned so i can play with my brother, and i wan not hacking of anysort
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    Oct 19, 2019
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    Hey there Hunter, I'm fantastic_oreo, the moderator who banned you.

    The reasons for your ban are pretty simple, me and 3 other moderators saw you drop a significant distance but not take any damage. Even though you may have lagged, damage in most cases, registers after a period of time. After seeing you took no fall damage, me and another moderator tp'd you to a tall height and pushed you off of it, twice. Both times you took no damage. With this we were lead to believe that you had been hacking, thus banning you.

    Sorry but you will not be getting unbanned, good luck on your next server.
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