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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by CoreLyrixian, Jan 2, 2019.

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    Minigames. And the ones Applecraft needs.
    Applecraft is a fantastic server, but it is missing minigames. I have several ideas for games that could be fun serverwide, while at the same time, bringing old games back that everyone loved.

    First off: Tag should be brought back. Tag was literally a large game of tag, but in the server. There would be several hiders and seekers at a time, and there was a map rotation every few minutes. We had a tag map competition lately, and we never got to see those winning maps implemented into the game. The last version of tag also had a no tagback rule, that was until the map changed. While i see why this was a good idea, I think that a timer/countdown should be added. So say, for example: Inkyyy tags Applebranch. Inkyyy has 10 seconds to run from Applebranch before she can then tag him again. I feel like if that rule was added, it would be more fun to play. As when the minigame first started up, players would join and leave, and it would sometimes leave it with 2 people. 1 seeker and 1 hider. I have been in this scenario once before, and my friends and I were forced to wait every match for the map rotation to be able to play the game. We left after 2 rounds of just waiting around for the maps to rotate. If this rule was added to the game, it would make the game much more fun to play.

    Infection, another old game where you would run from 1 zombie in the beginning, and as that 1 zombie tagged more people, they would become zombies and chase until there was one player remaining. I don't have any notes about this minigame, but I can say it was incredibly fun to play.

    Alright to the original ideas.
    original. heh.

    King of the hill. 3 large ladders going up to 100 blocks tall. On each ladder, players try to climb to the top without being knocked off. Simple idea.

    Spleef. Just layers of snow above a void. Every player has an efficiency 5 unbreakable shovel, pvp would not be allowed, but you would try to make others fall into the void. Last man standing wins.

    Fruitwars. This game would have 2 Teams. Team Apple and team Melon. Two spawns on each side of the map, and there would be 10 apples and 10 melons hidden around the map at a possible 40 spawn areas. First team to find the 10 of their item gets wood swords. After the first team finds all of their fruits, Example: Team Apple finds all 10 fruits. Every player on their team is given a wood sword and teleported to their spawn, while Team Melon tries to find the remainder of the melons. Team Apple's goal is to now kill every player on team Melon. If team Melon finds all of the melon's before they are all killed, they are teleported back to their spawn with wood swords, and its a duel to the death. The game would be a rush to whoever can find their fruit first, gets the wooden swords first. The entire match would have PVP on, so that people could also fight with fists. No armor should be included, since it is only wooden swords. I think this would be a fun addition to the server, while also including its Apple theme.

    Just my two cents, thanks for reading. -Inky
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    Oh, did you save this from the Havoc?
    I'm kind of happy you did, as I myself, can't wait for the Mini-games to return.
    So is there an ETA on Green coming back? :rolleyes:
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    great ideas, I'm really looking forward to infection!

    I'm just curious, would rares and personal items in general not be included?
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    It's not really "mini" but all I really want is UHC. No matter how much I try I can't find a 1.13 uhc server and I heard applecraft used to have uhc, so I'd love to see it here.

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