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    I like collecting rares, as do many other people on the server, and applecraft has a wide variety of them! But not only are there different rares in general; there are "rares" among individual rares, whether it's comparing a reprint of a rare to an original version, or whether there are different versions with different lore text/colored text. I'm turning this into a series to showcase items with the goal of...

    1) Showing lesser known rares people didn't know exist
    2) Showing rarer variations of 'rares'
    3) Providing visuals of rares players have never had the chance to see before
    4) Providing in-depth information to the origins and abilities of rares
    5) Receive additional information from the comments in the event I am unsure about certain items or if I'm missing items that should be featured in a specific showcase

    End Warp Tokens
    End warp tokens aren't necessarily "rare". If you've ever typed the command "/legendshop", then you can see the end warp token being sold for $5.


    It is an enchanted eye of ender that grants the holder the ability to teleport to a random location in the end when right clicking the item. This is what the current end warp token lore box looks like...


    Turns out, there's another variation of the end warp token with an alternate color scheme, which looks like this...


    As you can see, some of the teal and cyan text from the normal one were swapped with the red and green seen in this one. The instructions also have the same dark gray as the description above instead of using the easier to read light gray from the current one. I'm not too sure of the history as to how this came about, but I'm assuming it is a very early iteration of the token when it was first introduced to the /legendshop. If anyone know's more about it, please chime in.

    The last variation I know of, which I also believe is the first end warp token introduced to applecraft is the one from the May 2018 Dragon Crate...

    This one I'm pretty sure pre-dates the end warp tokens which could be purchased from the legend shop.

    I hope you guys learned something new. If there's anything I can work on, or perhaps any suggestions for future showcases, I'd love to hear it!
    I know end warp token variations isn't ground breaking or anything, but this series is meant to be more of a fun fact thing instead of a "THIS WILL CHANGE THE WAY YOU LOOK AT RARES" kind of thing, so if you don't find this particularly interesting, that's okay

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