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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Pandemonium_Null, May 12, 2019.

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    May 12, 2019
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    I propose an NPC shop where you can sell your useless dirt, cobblestone, etc. The point is to allow new players to participate somewhat in trading until they can open their own shop. Of course, the prices would be way lower than the server average (if a stack of dirt goes for 1 diamon, for example, the npc would buy it for 1 ingot). It feels really bad to just throw items like trash.
    The code for this definitely exists somewhere, as I've played on a server that had this in 1.7 long ago.
    I would also appreciate if anyone could explain why this would not work. Cheers

    Edit: While I'm at it, can the accesstrust command be tweaked such that other players can only use buttons, levers and pressure plates, but not any containers? It would be cool to let others visit my fortress without worrying about stealing (or die in the flying machine elevator if they're lagging)
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    Jah and nah for me!
    Nah for the npc shop, sell your stuff in chat, do some jobs for people, like mining stone for someone/gathering sand. Another way to become rich/get more money is to /vote, with a chance of getting keys/items and sell those.

    And accestrust is just buttons/beds/lever/door/trapdoor... Not chests. Use /accestrust for buttons and etc. And /containertrust for chests!

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