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    I do a lot of stuff here. I'm working on a bunch of stuff here. I want to build hype, while creating cliffhangers at the same time. I like to name stuff after myself. I get asked about all this stuff, so here here's everything:

    Addeve Events

    I host events once or twice a week. Keep an eye out for announcements.

    Addeve's Public XP Farm

    "Blue's Best Public XP Farm" features exclusive baby zombie spawners (8 of them). Optimized to have no impact on server lag, these exclusive spawners are also giving more XP than other mobs, such as blaze, skeletons, and zombies. This is blue's best public XP farm.

    Addeve Arena (coming very soon)
    Get your 2016 nostalgia ready, Addeve Arena is back. Bigger and more beautiful than ever, this modern arena is bigger than a map art and is ready to host various Addeve Events. Coming very soon.

    Cafe Addeve
    Let's hang out and do some chat games. Cafe Addeve is a neat little cafe ready to host smaller Addeve Events, such as trivia. What's really special about Cafe Addeve, however, is its prime location as the lobby in one of the largest skyscrapers on Blue. Not to mention, it's right in Addeve City.

    Addeve Hall
    Space: Empty. Worldguard: Active. Flags: Set. This large hall is ready to host events in an enclosed space with minimal lag in the area for maximum FPS.

    Aloha Beach by Addeve (coming soon)
    Get your bathing suits on as we embark on a beach experience never before seen on Applecraft. Coming soon.

    /shop Addeve
    Open your wallets: our doors are open. Wheat and carrots are sold only 1 iron ingot per stack. While your here, enjoy our walk through nature in our park-themed plot and maybe sit in the hot springs a bit.

    Addeve City (coming soon)
    A state-of-the-art city built in Applecraft. Coming soon.

    Paradise by Addeve
    (coming soon)
    A new experience coming exclusively to Purple. Coming soon.

    Addeve Arena (coming soon)
    I'm excited enough about this arena that I couldn't keep it in just one world. It's coming to Purple, too.

    Addeve Arena
    (coming very soon)
    You asked, and it's coming. Soon.

    /shop Addeve
    A typical shopping experience: elevated. Get all your basic needs and some extras here, all in a simple design that isn't shaped confusingly.
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