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    Quoting from this minecraft gamepedia,

    "If the player's view distance or the server view distance in multiplayer is at 9 or below, mob spawning is severely reduced (or they despawn too quickly), and may result in the player encountering no mobs at all. Set the view distance to 10 or higher to ensure mobs spawn correctly."

    In my 3-4 day playthrough on purple, i have seen exactly 0 squids, 0 slime and a few zombies here and there.
    My question is, will the view_distance be increased to 10 (seems like it is 5 or 6 at the moment) once Mojang fixes the lag or will it stay the way it is?
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    It will almost certainly stay that way as it has been that way on applecraft for a long, long time to help reduce lag. There may be tweeks to how it's configured in the future but I wouldn't count on it.

    The other important thing to note is the mob cap doesn't change depending on the players online, rather it divides itself between those players. So the more players, the less naturally spawning mobs you'll see.

    Also I wouldn't be surprised if that snippet didn't exactly apply to us considering that is for regular old Minecraft which we don't use, we use paper? Some form of spigot? Which I believe doesn't JUST allow for plugins but also changes some of how the game works.
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