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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by yunishotofficiel, Apr 9, 2019.

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    Apr 9, 2019
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    I saw on the Thread "The End and Nether in Wilderness" that some ppl had issue with the tp at spawn on wilderness. I think that plenty of people have their opinion on it, we'll see.

    I think that this system is good, yet it might need few improvements.
    Advantages: -This system allows new players to have fairly easy first steps on the serv
    -Practical to discover new places
    -Practical to fast travel
    -Easier access to ressources
    Problems:-Allows people to find bases to raid VERY easily (I spent my first two days on the serv
    Spamming this system gathering ressources like tnts, nether warts, blaze rods, lot of
    Diamonds, iron, full stacks of obsidian, enchanted stuff, gold blocs, golden apples.....
    And this without fighting or even mining... wtf ?)
    -Practical to fast travel
    -Creates no-mans land all over the server and not only in one single place (spawn ?)

    Solution: Tp on a smaller area, 1000 blocs max around the Spawn sounds good to me.
    But this solution would have consequences. First, newbies would have a harder time joining the server, this could either be considered as an issue or a good thing depending on the server philosophy (c mon we're talking about wilderness server...)
    Then going close to spawn would very likely mean PVP, even though it's already a little bit the case (keeps quite friendly)
    Everybody would maybe be fleeing towards the border of the world
    This would allow the wilderness server to have a mature community, disapointed 8yo kiddos unable to cross the no man's land would flee to red (lmao wilderness private joke)
    It would get the wilderness server to get closer to be a concurent to 2b2t, plenty of players disappointed by the lags on 2b2t may join the wilderness serv that we could qualify as a semi-anarchy server

    I let you give your own opinions now

    (PS: don't bother me with some "stop advertising another server" come on everybody knows about 2b2t, this buggy mess won't steal anyone from applecraft don't be stupid, quoting 2b2t is like quoting Hypixel, everyone knows about it now)
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    Dec 24, 2018
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    Wilderness is dying...
    Get rid of teleporting. Forces players to move on overworld to go trade or relocate and increases chances of actually meeting someone. All the richest players are just spending their time tp'ing around their hidden homes from the overworld to the end and the nether, resulting in boredom and most of them quitting. I think getting rid of teleporting would also increase the pvp aspect of Wilderness since people would actually be patrolling the overworld for prey.
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  3. SirNightKnight

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    Mar 6, 2019
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    That would be cool and I would be dead if that gets implemented
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  4. fozza123

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    Mar 15, 2019
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    I agree tp should be removed it would make the wilderness server more fun and not as many people would quit but keep homes

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