''X-Ray'' Ban

Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by Raymo Van oord, May 13, 2019.

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    May 13, 2019
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    In-game name:_flutter_guy_
    Ban date: 12-5-2019
    Ban reason: X-Ray
    Moderator who banned:Tinker1233
    i was planing to mine so i dit wat i always do: (i rtp and dig straight down to level 12-9) than i start with a strip mine (i found diamonds in the first like 20 blocks) than i start mining to an other level find more diamonds i found myself verry lucky on that moment i mined diamonds on the floor of me (2 ores) and i went on mining than a friend asked me to tpa him to a sceleton farm i toled him to wait becase i remeber the diamons on the floor i went back and mined the blocks underneed it i found 2 more dia ores where i found the other 2 ores before than i tpa to my sceleton farm home on that moment tinker1233 starts talking to me he toled me that i dint mine all ores and that i went back in the mine to mine diamonds(the diamonds i remember on the floor) (i dint mine away all ores becase we have a full chest of redstone blocks and iron/gold blocks) i was kinda angry getting called a X-rayer (i hate X-Ray btw becase of the ppl that killed my server a year ago with X-ray(by mining all good ores in the world) so he sayed dont lie i sayed back on that if i lie u wil ban me if i say that i use X-ray you will still ban me.... i know this was a poop explaination so if you wanna hear the story pls contact me on discord of applecraft (just ping me)
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    Mar 27, 2019
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    Hi there

    First off, thank you for taking your time in writing this appeal. I want to start with the “two diamonds” that you went back for was the icing on the cake for your ban, as they were covered by stone and no one would’ve seen it unless they had the magic X-ray. I give credit where credits due, you tried to make it seem legit , fair play as at first it wasn’t obvious ,but upon spending the best part of 20/30 minutes watching you with another mod it became apparent that you were xraying , looking through walls , lining yourself up with the ore then digging straight to it...but fishy if you ask me. As you’re telling a little porky pie I am afraid at this moment in time your ban shall not be lifted. See you in 5days
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