Blue World Rules

May 1, 2019
Blue World Rules

  • Player Chat

    No spamming or advertising.

    a) Only links leading to and links to AC related twitch links are allowed.

    b) Advertisements for in game Shops or Towns are allowed, but the advertisement must completely disappear from chat (no longer visible by opening chat and scrolling all the way to the top) before you can post again.

    c) Flooding and repetitive use of All-Capsing are not permitted

    No racism/hate speech, politics, religion, or excessive swearing

    If asked by a staff member to end a conversation, end it!

    ENGLISH and standardised English characters in main chat only.

    a) Use /pm, /l, /w, /msg, /t, or /r to speak other languages, do not use special characters/fonts in global chat.

    Player Conduct

    Respect other players, staff, and helpers!

    Do not ask staff for Staff/Admin/OP

    Do not impersonate staff.

    a) Neither by Claiming to be Staff nor changing your username to resemble a Staff member’s name.

    No offensive IGN or advertising IGN.

    a) You will be permanently muted/banned until this is changed

    No Harassment.

    a) If you are having issues with another player, you can use /ignore (playername)

    b) If you believe you are being harassed speak to a Staff member directly to discuss/resolve the issue.

    If you disagree with or want to appeal a decision made by our staff please visit: or post in the Issues & Reports section

    Player Content

    No pornographic material including but not limited to sexually explicit books and map art

    a) If all copies of this are not destroyed or are continued to be distributed you may face a 3 day ban.

    No offensive player skins.

    a) You will be banned until this is changed


    No scamming in trades, this includes low-balling players

    3rd Party Deals Are PROHIBITED

    a) 3rd party deals can and will result in either perm or temporary bans.

    b) Real money is not permitted to change hands between members on Applecraft. A player may purchase an item from the donation store for another player but may NOT give that player the money directly for in-game items, alt accounts, 3rd party items/software, or any other 3rd party effects.

    No gambling.

    a) This includes bets, casinos, mystery boxes, pay-to-enter prize draws and player held lotteries.

    b) The only time this rule will not be enforced is the gambling in question is hosted by authorized members of the applecraft Staff team.

    No extortion/blackmail for IRL goods/services.

    Cheating and Exploiting

    Hacks, duping, x-ray are not permitted and will result in a ban

    Do not take advantage of exploits

    If you have found an exploit, please report it to a Staff member

    Do not evade or make attempts to bypass punishments

    Breach of the above will result in use of additional measures and/or escalation of punishments

    PVP, Griefing, Claims and Entities

    Griefing and/or Raiding, the act of taking and/or destroying/altering any structure or item that does not belong to you, is NOT permitted and will be rolled back. You will be jailed or banned.


    PVP is permitted in unclaimed and Titan PvP Flagged areas only

    a) Pushing players out of safe zones into damage enabled areas is not allowed

    You only lose levels (XP) upon death, your inventory and gear will remain

    TP Killing Is Not Allowed

    a) TP killing is the act of requesting a player teleport to you with the intent to kill them as soon as they spawn in whether by active or passive means and is not allowed.

    Respect the entity limit, No mob and entity spamming.

    a) 80 entities per chunk is the maximum you may have (items in frames count as 1.5 entities)

    b) 40 mobs per chunk is the maximum you may have (mobs will not breed after this)

    c) If this limit is breached your entities may begin to de-spawn and will not be recovered by Staff.

    d) If this limit is breached maliciously or with bad intent you may be banned.

    Do Not claim within 100 blocks of another player's build or claim without permission from that player, builds or claims that violate this may be removed.

    Shop Rules

    If you aren’t active in your shop for 21 days on a regular shop plot or 30 days on a titan shop plot, your shop will be removed, items and all. If you are perma-banned in any way on the server your plot will be removed items and all.


    Only players with master rank or higher, including paid for Ranks, are allowed to have Shops. Only Titan Ranks are allowed to have Titan Plots.

    [*](See Ranks below for the hierarchy.)

    [*]Do not build outside your shop plot.

    [*]No joke builds, you must sell something.

    [*]No farms or mobs.

    [*]No noise machines, jukeboxes or annoying blocks.

    [*]No redstone in anyway except for doors.

    [*]ONLY 8 item frames per shop.

    [*]Do not build above your barrier blocks (this is a build height of 25 blocks above the shop base in titan shop plots and 15 in normal plots)

    [*]No active beacons.

    [*]No selling mapart without the owner’s permission.

    [*]No selling of banners without the owner’s permission.

    [*]No shop plot hopping of any kind. (unless given explicit permission by an admin)

    [*]No copying other player’s map art and reselling them.

    [*]Lava and damaging blocks like magma block are fine as decor as no damage can be taken in the shop world.

    [*]Shops with no visible builds or progress after 7 days will be reset for a new player to use.

    Titan Shop amendments

    [*]ONLY 12 item frames per shop.

    [*]Titan plots are cleared after 30 days of not being used.

    [*]All Reg Shop Rules are the same for Titan Plots other then the ones already stated.