Shop Rules

Jul 30, 2019
Shop Rules
  • Shop Rules

    If you aren’t active in your shop for 21 days on a regular shop plot or 30 days on a titan shop plot, your shop will be removed, items and all. If you are perma-banned in any way on the server your plot will be removed items and all.


    Only players with master rank or higher, including paid for Ranks, are allowed to have Shops. Only Titan Ranks are allowed to have Titan Plots.

    [*](See Ranks below for the hierarchy.)

    [*]Do not build outside your shop plot.

    [*]No joke builds, you must sell something.

    [*]No farms or mobs.

    [*]No noise machines, jukeboxes or annoying blocks.

    [*]No redstone in anyway except for doors.

    [*]ONLY 8 item frames per shop.

    [*]Do not build above your barrier blocks (this is a build height of 25 blocks above the shop base in titan shop plots and 15 in normal plots).

    [*]No active beacons.

    [*]No selling mapart without the owner’s permission.

    [*]No selling of banners without the owner’s permission.

    [*]No shop plot hopping of any kind. (unless given explicit permission by an admin)

    [*]No copying other player’s map art and reselling them.

    [*]Lava and damaging blocks like magma block are fine as decor as no damage can be taken in the shop world.

    [*]Shops with no visible builds or progress after 7 days will be reset for a new player to use.

    Titan Shop amendments

    [*]ONLY 12 item frames per shop.

    [*]Titan plots are cleared after 30 days of not being used.

    [*]All Reg Shop Rules are the same for Titan Plots other then the ones already stated.