Jan 2, 2019

  • Legend shop:
    Accessible via /legendshop (Blue world only); this shop offers a select few special items in exchange for vote dollars obtained via /vote.
    Head shop:
    Accessible via /hdb or /heads (all worlds); players can use this shop to purchase heads for vote dollars

    Player Shops:
    Player shops are accessible via the shop portal at /spawn (Blue and Red world only) and allow players to purchase/sell in-game items to/fro players for in-game currencies such as diamonds and iron.

    How to purchase an item from a player shop:

    1. Anything inside a shop chest is purchasable, the cost of the items inside is detailed on the signpost at the front of the chest. Players may place an additional signpost, item frame or block to help you quickly identify what it is that is being sold.

    2. Right click the shop chest to view the chests contents.

    3. Left click the item in the shop chest you wish to buy. If you have the correct currency (i.e 5 diamonds), the chest will automatically swap these for the item in the chest.
    How to create a player shop:

    Player shops can be created by either, anyone of Master rank or above (50 votes +) or anyone with a donor rank.

    Make sure you are aware of the shop world rules, these can be located next to the warp area in the shop world or via the below links:
    and here:

    1. Enter the shop world via the shop portal at spawn

    2. Type /shops free to view available shop plots, you can claim any one of the available plots. Clicking on the popped up coordinates will teleport you to this shop plot.

    3. Type /shops plot claim to claim your shop plot

    4. Type /setshop to set a warp to your shop plot; from this point forward you will be able to do /shop playername
    How to sell your items at your player shop:

    Any single chest can be set up as a shop chest. Double chests, other containers or any submerged container does not work. A sign must be placed on the front face of the chest with the following detailing:
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