Jan 14, 2019
  • Player Towns

    Towns on Applecraft are player built mini-communities for communal living and resource/farm sharing.

    Town warps are accessible via the town portal at /spawn on Blue world.
    Alternatively get in contact with a town mayor on Blue/Red world to get into/to a town

    Town Showcase:



    How do I join a town?
    Get in contact with a town mayor of the town you wish to join, make sure you have their permission and an allocated plot before you begin building/moving in.
    Can anyone make a town?
    Anyone can start a town, you do not need to be a donator, you do not need to be of any vote rank.​

    Do you use towny?
    We do not rely on a dedicated town plugin such as towny, towns here are best created via use of your claim blocks and claim commands. You may opt to claim an entire area yourself and subdivide plots for residents, or alternatively allow residents to claim their own spaces within the vicinity of your town.​

    How do I start a town?
    Just start building.
    If you have any friends, appoint them as co-mayors. Build roads, a town hall and spaces that other players can live in or build in. Make sure you start a rule board with any specific rules you would like for your town (we recommend detailing how long a player can be inactive before they are evicted).
    You will need to be proficient with Claiming (we recommend Claiming your entire town and making subdivisions for players to live in).
    How do I get a town warp?
    Town warps are available only for Blue world.
    To acquire a town warp you must meet the below standards and then maintain them in order to keep the warp :​
    • Have at least 2 active town mayors, both at least Legend rank.
    • Have several roads for players to walk around on.
    • Have at least 8 players living in your town.
    • Have a building or board for the town rules such as
    -Time to finish a building​
    -Number of plots allowed
    -Can players build anywhere or only in marked areas
    -Any forbidden building styles like exposed lava fountains
    -Listing if the town has a theme or block theme
    -Not allowing players to build redstone contraptions without Mayor(s) permission
    -Making sure they have a rules stating no living outside the town (eg: X amount of blocks away from town is still part of the town)​