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Aug 14, 2016
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Owner, Female, from 'Straya

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FYI the best way to contact me is to send me a PM through the website. Sep 8, 2016

applebranch was last seen:
Aug 11, 2020 at 4:52 AM
    1. Vivi_Avocado
      Hey apple I screwed up and got permed ban can you let me back for 11 days to say goodbye and happy bday to my bff..
      1. fifjfjrhds
        Aug 10, 2020 at 7:21 AM
        Vivi_Avocado likes this.
      2. Vivi_Avocado
        I already did that they said "rules are rules good luck on ur next server" so im trying apple to see if I can go back for a bit
        Aug 10, 2020 at 2:13 PM
      3. fifjfjrhds
        I don't think you can't come back then. You can only get unbanned via appealing and they denied it.
        Aug 10, 2020 at 3:02 PM
        Vivi_Avocado likes this.
    2. Caelumlynch
      Hi applebranch earlier I was in creative and I came to your build then I tried to go back to my build and it didn't let me can you help
      1. fifjfjrhds
        try doing /plot home or /plot h <your in game name>
        if you still haven't had luck getting back at your build lmk
        Jul 14, 2020
        Caelumlynch likes this.
      2. Caelumlynch
        thanks but it didnt work thank you for trying
        Jul 24, 2020
      3. fifjfjrhds
        i'm not sure if this is the solution but try /plot auto
        Jul 24, 2020
    3. 20builder07
      Who was Noahcooper1 referring to by "Lav"?
      1. LavenderCrumbs
        who's Noahcooper1
        Aug 9, 2020 at 10:16 AM
    4. Zimited
      Hey. Will the globes be available for preview somewhere? I didn't get a proper look before it ended, assuming there would be.
    5. DanTheLlama
      Can you please add the ability to sell stuff for iron nuggets I wanna sell stuff for a very cheap price
      1. 20builder07 likes this.
    6. soapy_butter
      Can you please enable elytra in purple because it’s really hard to get around
    7. Hammerroids
      Hey Apple. I need some help restoring the unlimited sethomes purchase in game. Thanks!
    8. Contra_Banned
      Apple, I posted a message to the forum about reclaiming some benefit from my OG donor rank. Addeve @ed you with the post. I doubt you remember, but I bought mid level donor rank, and stopped playing around the time of your first big reset. Curious if I could get some credit for my previous support. If not, I understand. It's been a few years. Either way, keep up the good work :D
    9. Noahcooper1
      Hey apple, I sent you an email. Please read it. I dont know if you had gotten it.
      1. Jbloomer92 likes this.
    10. Tiny_Tom
      hi its tiny tom i have just been banned on the server by jbloomer they say they have proof that i was using xray because of the way i was mining they did not Evan give me chance to say what was going on b4 the banned me i just got the unbreakable pic wit eff 6 and i was mining at br lvl in no particula order the tp'ed to me said this looks like xray and banned i did not Evan get chance to say what was going on
      1. MelonMarauda
        Please use the ban appeals section of the forum to post an appeal and have the situation reviewed properly.
        May 11, 2018
    11. Hammerroids
      Hey apple! When you have time, could you take a look at this claimblocks thing that messed up? Sent you a PM about it.
    12. StarxScream
      Hey Applebranch, I've spent a lot of time building my base on Applecraft. I've been playing on that server for a little over a year and my entire castle that I built with a friend is in the Blue World. Is there any way I can have the world download so I can keep it before everything is transferred to Purple world? I can't use Schematica to transfer my build to Purple I already saw that option.
      1. DustinUSMC
        There is already going to be a world download for everyone once it's removed in January.
        Dec 6, 2017
      2. StarxScream
        Where is that going to be available?
        Dec 6, 2017
      3. DustinUSMC
        It'll be on the forums.
        Dec 6, 2017
    13. Noahcooper1
      am i going to be unbanned? did lav get demoted cause of mod abuse?
      1: lav bans me out of rage.
      2: lav gets demoted the day later.
      3: will i stay banned?
    14. ZenPapa
      Hi apple, I need help. I can't get on applecraft, when i press join server it says that the network is unreachable. Can you help?
    15. dragonsbell
      i was wondering if its ok to have a confederate flag banner on the server please get back to me thanks
    16. Chathuranga
      I've purchased ELITE RANK and it doesn't work, something wrong on it. my username is Chathuranga. kindly take a look.
    17. dragonsbell
      hi i would like someone to read my ban appel
    18. MasterPostal
      hello you can unban me I put my appleal, but I cant get I dont know how
    19. Alternative Facts
      Alternative Facts
      I don't know if you've seen my most recent forums post. I would greatly appreciate any help you can give when you're free of course :P
    20. ZenPapa
      Can you update the server to 1.12.1? I can't get on because the server is 'outdated'.
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