9 Exemplary Rare types and how they can fit into Green.

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    With 1.17 on the horizon, there's been a lot of talk about what the structure of the next world (Green) on AC should be, and I would like to take a second and highlight 8 really awesome rares that have really improved the vanilla experience and are exemplary of what Rares should do to the game- hopefully in an attempt to convince you that Rares should be added to green.

    I think alot of people have the wrong idea about Rares, mostly because there have been alot of mistake rares (mostly PVP stuff) over the years that have done some damage. That's fair, but the cool part of this is that you can move past those things and really focus on the Rares that have really improved things overall, of which there are many.

    The idea of having a fresh slate for Rares on Green is very appealing to me, because both Apple, and the community at large have learned a bunch of lessons since the start of this concept- once I go over why/what rares I think prove this concept as positive, I'll go over how I would implement them on Green.

    So, the format is; I'm going to name a rare (or subcategory of rares) and then give a brief explanation on why I think that rare is great. Ranked in no particular order. Then I'll go over what I think a good starting point for introducing Rares into Green should be.

    1. Enderbow and other Grappling Hooks
    Enderbow is personally my second favourite rare, if you haven't used one I highly recommend it. What it adds to the game is the ability to really move around the world in whatever way you want, in Vanilla enderpearls accomplish close to this, but Enderbow improves on this by giving you a much larger range, and more importantly, the ability to shoot the Enderbow on the bottom of a block and be teleported on top of that block. This comes up ALOT and having that be an option just makes getting around the world much easier and alot more fun.

    2. Speed/Jump Boots
    One of the best things about Rares is it removes the need to keep having to brew potions forever. Especially on servers, brewing is a boring and time consuming process that is neat the first few times, but gets really old fast the more you have to do it over the years. Mojang themselves try to accomplish what these boots and similar items do with beacons, but beacons only have so much range- and especially on a multiplayer server can be too restricted- Speed/Jump boots are the perfect fix to this. From a fun standpoint, having speed 4 and Jump 3 really makes getting around the world easier and more satisfying, the Jump especially can be really useful when building and when traversing the world.

    3. Biome Wands
    The ability to micromanage what biome or biomes your build is in is an absolute game changer for vanilla building, which has the restriction of having one biome cover a large space- not leaving alot of room for using the biome you're in to aid your building. Especially the ability to bring the Nether Biomes to the overworld is so incredible for what you can build and the kinds of atmospheres you bring- its completely irreplaceable. If you build things and you haven't messed around with Biome wands, your missing out- its awesome, and something that would not be possible without rares.

    4. Building Wands
    Building wands are various tools that let you right click various blocks to change them into other various blocks. There's alot of Building wands now, and they're pretty much all great. Survival building is plagued by inventory management issues, its the most constraining part of the whole process. That makes ability to compact a bunch of different blocks into one inventory very valuable to speed up building. A lot of people cite the grindy nature of survival building as an upside, and I can see that, but after doing it for a really long time you may want some ways to speed up the slower nature of the process- building wands give people who are looking for that speed boost the option to do so.

    5. Pix's Storage/Any backpack item
    Mojang seems to have a phobia of actual backpack items, shulkers are kinda close, but since you cant use them in claims on multiplayer servers it seriously limits their use as an actual backpack. This means that an actual right click backpack like Pix's Storage can be very useful for expanding the cramped inventories of survival minecraft. Even though this is a rare type that was only recently introduced, I already can't imagine how I ever got along without it.

    6. Hyperspce Orb Variants and Sword of Light and Shadow
    One of the most tedious parts of vanilla survival is how difficult it is to move mobs across the world, even from one biome to the next one can take a frustrating amount of time that really compounds if you play alot on the same world. Hyperspace Orb solves this by letting you just pick up mobs and put the somewhere else, and Sword of Light and Shadow does functionally the same thing. They even work very well together as using a Hyperspace Orb on a no AI mob and will let you return it to its normal form- which means if you have both you can essentially set up a "Freezer" for mobs which gives you the ability to store a bunch of mobs in their soul orb form and then "Unfreeze" them later when you need them.

    7. Retexture Books, Disguises, Glows, Particles, Hats.
    This is a more subjective take, but I think most people really like these things- especially as we get a wide range of themes on these various items there will eventually be something that appeals to everyone. Cosmetics are also the most harmless thing for game balance as they don't really effect gameplay and are entirely for the aesthetic gains. After having played alot of Minecraft, even with the pace at which they re-texture old items, the basic vanilla textures and themes can definitely get old- this gives people the ability to sidestep that. The best part is if you don't want to partake in the change of aesthetic, you can just disable the texture pack. In alot of ways, Cosmetic items like these are the exemplary rare- they make the game deeper but don't give an overwhelming competitive advantage to players who have them over players that don't.

    8. Telekinesis/Void Tools
    If you've ever built in the sky or when there's alot of lag, you'll know that the blocks you break flying somewhere else can be a huge pain. Telekinesis effects let you sidestep that, which is great not only for making building/breaking things easier, but is also great because of the way it can help reduce server lag. I honestly think it wouldn't be that crazy if every item had telekinesis- it just is a big deal for convenience and to help server performance. Small quality of life improvements like Telekinesis are what rares are all about. Even if it can't work on every rare, just having it on vanilla tools is great.

    9. Unbreakable Tools/Armour
    Durability is a mechanic that Mojang have tried very hard to gloss over in recent years, first with Mending and then with Netherite, both of which make it so your stuff basically never breaks if you are even a little careful. At this point, Unbreakable is barely a perk at all and on most tools is basically irrelevant. That all being the case, I think that means that Unbreakable tools really don't have the same gameplay imapact they once did, and that all Unbreakable tools do is remove that extra bit of tedium in the late game that gets really annoying after a while. Not super exciting or game changing, but a small quality of life change that I think adds more then it takes away.

    The common theme for many these rares is that they help shore up the super-late game, which is the most important part of the game for servers and something Mojang doesn't pay alot of attention too. The defining trait of AC is just how long people spend on it, and having items that let you shortcut the tedium of minecraft is very valuable. Without them, I think people (myself included) would have a much harder time playing for as long as they have on the same world.

    The idea that Mojang have a perfect game going already and don't need to improve and add things is demonstrably false, even by their own accord, and If we have the ability to supplement areas in which they are lacking, I don't see why we should not do so. Green is so exciting to me because we can really hone in on what makes Rares great and cultivate that positive experience without any of the baggage we have accrued from mistakes in testing which happens over the years.

    More in comments!
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    Ok so, this all being said, how do we kick off Green's rare experience? Here's a basic "Essentials" list of Rares that I would like to see as the first crate of Green.

    The basic idea with this "Essentials" crate is that it is the base crate. During the first month of Green and every subsequent January (like the old birthday crate), this is the crate (or something similar) that you get keys for when you vote. This would also be the go-to crate for event rewards. These are items I think everyone should be able to get with relative ease in the late game, the "base applecraft rares experience" as it were. After this first month, the crate schedule would be like normal with new items coming out every month on every world, except the PVP focused rares that get released on other worlds are adjusted accordingly to match Green's lower power standard.

    likely some of the staff specific names would be changed to something more thematically neutral- e.g "Spores Old Admin Boots" > "Retired Admin Boots".

    "Essentials Crate"
    -Spores Old Admin Boots
    -Aeliny's Building Wand
    -Sword of Light and Shadow (but with sharp 5 instead of 7)
    -Hyperspace Orb
    -Telekinesis Book
    -Night Vision Book
    -Slowfalling Book
    -Water Breathing Book
    -Pix's Storage
    -Unbreakable Netherite Helmet
    -Unbreakable Netherite Chestplate
    -Unbreakable Netherite Leggings
    -Unbreakable Netherite Boots
    -Hat Box containing 6 or so of the best hats we've got so far
    Biome Wand Box Containing:
    -Swamp Biome Wand
    -Forest Biome Wand
    -Taiga Biome Wand
    -Jungle Biome Wand
    -Desert Biome Wand
    -Warm Ocean Biome Wand
    -Cold Ocean Biome Wand
    Nether Biome Wand Box Containing:
    -Basalt Deltas Biome Wand
    -Warped Forest Biome Wand
    -Crimson Forest Biome Wand

    *Note that this is just the basic list, As we get closer to 1.17's release and with future crates coming out with new rares, this list is going to be updated. Expect that once this really gets on the horizon I'll make an updated post which fully flushes out this idea that will link back to this post*

    You'll notice that no dedicated PVP rares here, that's because, as much as I love Magma Saber (it's my fav rare by far), I think that rares work better if we don't mess with PVP balance as much as we have. Protection 5 was a mistake, and if it and passive Regen rares aren't added to green, the powerful offensive rares we have become unnecessary. I can see some rares being a little better then vanilla PVP standards, but not to nearly the extent which we have added.

    Player Tracker is also an interesting variable, as though I do have a strong opinion on if Green should have Rares or not, I don't have a strong opinion on if it should be PVP focused or not. If it is PVP focused, I could totally see Player Tracker being one of the rares that adds that extra competitive edge to the server.

    Special note goes to Efficiency 6 book, which makes building slightly easier because it lets you instamine stone, but the effect it has on the value of diamonds is probably just too much- though there is an argument for it as it does let players have a very clear progression path to wealth. (e.g, we always tell players the first thing they should buy is Efficiency 6, then mine so they can afford other stuff).

    Thanks for reading! @ me on discord if you have questions!
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    wheres flubbers on that list :I
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    imo, i'd like to keep eff6 as a book, but only allow it to work from y=20-30 and above, because of building n such. it's such a useful tool ;_;
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