Bad luck continues - Admin please Help. Died due server reboot.

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    Monday 7:15am EAST.
    Red server was taken down. I was told there was a 5 second warning, but I did not see it.
    The Server came back up about 10 minutes later and I logged into red. I was immediately in a black screen where I was dying.
    I managed to put sword and pick into my EC but died before I could do more.

    Asked for a mod, and Spooner684 responded. Said the only thing he could see I had lost/dropped was a pick ?? He had a very good look around, but there was no record of me loosing my items.

    They TP'd me to the coordinates where I died and it was solid rock. It seems the server restart included a small rollback of some kind. No items were found. There was lava about this area. I was mining at the time.

    so I died due to server rollback and respawning in solid rock. I have only just come back to the server and had my only rares on me. I mentioned multiple times that I have a chest that contained all of my current items from less than 24 hours ago - an easy rollback.

    Spooner said to leave it at that - said I could talk to admin If I wanted to take it further.

    Please rollback my gear. Loosing my gear in this fashion is not fair or right.

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