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Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by IciLuny, Feb 28, 2021.

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    Feb 28, 2021
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    I was mining in the nether just goin random directions underground and I had been running into a lot of gold and quartz. With a fortune 3 pick that gives you lots of stuff you know. Apparently I must've set off some alert or something and then I got banned. Plus if I was "x-raying" why would I go for quartz? Wouldn't I lost likely be mining for diamonds for ancient debris?
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    Hey there! Please use the proper format below and someone will get to you shortly

    In-game name:
    Ban date:
    Ban reason (if known):
    Moderator who banned (if known):
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    Hello IciLuny,
    Thank you for taking the time to appeal. I am AlisHere, the moderator that banned you. I understand your concern about how you ended up being banned. The Applecraft staff team take great care and caution when banning someone to ensure they're not falsely banned. I will now show you the reason for your ban:
    In this first image, we can see how you mined from a cave in the nether straight for this vein of quartz. Before this I watched you stand still for a minute supposedly to equip your x-ray and begin to stare through the walls straight at this vein of quartz.
    Here we see you dig straight down towards a vein of gold ore, at the rather random y level of 34.
    Here we see you dig straight down for a vein of diamonds, which contrary to your belief that you were just going for quartz you have indeed x-rayed for other ores.
    Here, once again, you dig straight down along with a sharp left turn headed straight for this diamond vein.
    Here we see you randomly going up y levels, along with turning off course, straight for this vein of gold ore.
    Repeating the same pattern, here you mined straight down, took a sharp right for iron ore then along with a turn to the right, you declined in y levels drastically for this vein of lapis.
    Another picture where you mined straight down for gold ore.
    Once again, mining down and taking random turns for this vein of gold.
    And finally, you dug straight down here for a vein of iron and diamond.

    As is made very clear in our rules, x-ray is not allowed on Applecraft. Along with all of the above, there are many more times like these where you have quite obviously x-rayed to ores. Also considering how obvious you made it when you were toggling your x-ray pack and looking through walls straight at ores its quite apparent that you were x-raying. To answer your question "why would I go for quartz?", I'm not sure what possessed you to break our rules for quartz, its possibly one of the most useless ores but that's what you chose to do, not sure whether you thought you wouldn't get caught for it or not. As it is clear you have been x-raying, your temporary ban will remain in place. Please take these last 6 days to read over our rules before returning to ensure these actions are not repeated as it will become a permanent ban if they are.
    See you in 6 days,
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