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Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by tentachicken, May 24, 2020.

  1. tentachicken

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    May 24, 2020
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    In-game name: TentaChicken
    Ban date: 5/23 (Just now)
    Ban reason (if known): xray
    Moderator who banned (if known): tinychief (I think?)
    Comments/explanation: So I was mining with a pick that my friend (dankpetergriffin) lent to me that's a rare that has fortune and unbreaking. Right after I start mining with it, I get a whisper claiming that I'm xraying when I am not, then get banned before I can type an explanation/response. The rare wasn't mine, I get that, but I wasn't xraying with it? I'm confused right now.
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    Oct 4, 2019
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    I can understand if it's suspicious that TentaChicken, a new player on Purple server, randomly joins and starts hitting diamond right away.
    I'm an Architect who is in the process of building a town. I invited Tenta to join, and mentioned the diamond entry fee. I don't know how long Tenta was mining for, but at one point, I let them borrow my pickaxe to make it easier, but then had it promptly returned after Tenta was booted.

    I'm sure Tenta's history playing on Purple is scarce or if they just started playing today, but I know for sure they originally played on Blue server.

    I don't know if this information helps at all, I just wanted to provide more context to the situation
  3. tinychief

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    Dec 31, 2019
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    G’day TentaChicken,

    Thank you for taking the time to write an appeal and formatting it correctly. Myself and two other moderators observed your mining for some time before I issued the ban. Although both of you mention the Efficiency 6 pickaxe, I can assure you that is not what earned you the ban; however, it was your mining pattern that seemed a little too good to be true that did. Let me show you some of the things I saw.

    This is the first thing that really caught my eye. Here you mine directly from your base and abruptly turn to this vein of diamonds:


    Furthermore, here you create staircases that conveniently lead to another vein of diamonds:


    In this image you change elevation to reach these diamonds which would have otherwise been hidden:


    Finally, you deviate from your continued linear path to uncover this vein:


    After careful review and consideration, I don’t feel confident at this time to reduce your sentence. Please take the short 7 days to delete any X-ray hacks or texture packs that give you an unfair advantage over other players. Can’t wait to welcome you back to AppleCraft when the time is up!

    See ya in a week,
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