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    Hello! I have been hosting a bunch of rares PVP competitions, and I wanted to make a guide/tierlist to what items you do and don't want to use in my events! I do these tournaments every day with pretty good prizes, so If you are interested you should see what rares have had success in them so far!. Use this tier list as a guide on what you should bring!

    Remember that this list is specifically for my PVP tournaments, a lot of things are pre-banned going in, so they won't be on this list and their absence shifts the viability of many items.

    What tournaments you may ask? read the description here!

    If you are involved in this tournament scene and you think something should be moved/added, please tell me ingame or in the comments!

    Lets quickly go over the tiers and what definition I've set for them, there's no order within the tiers.
    S tier- Always Use These for maximum win %
    A tier- You pretty much always want these.
    B tier- Are often but not always good/nessesary
    C tier- Solid items, but ones I wouldn't fault you for not considering
    D tier- Bad versions of already existing items.
    F tier- Don't use these.

    S TIER:
    Enchanted Golden Apples
    Regular Golden Apples

    A TIER:
    Ice Bow
    Puggernauts Space Sword
    Blade of the Kracken
    Tamsincrowe's Character Sheet
    Strafe's Love Stick
    Fire Resistance Potion
    Spore's Boots
    Staryltes Sassy Boots
    Lucky Rabbit's Foot
    Thors Mjonir
    Blackbeards Cutlass

    B TIER:
    Poison-Book'ed Swords
    Saturation-Book'ed Items
    Highlight Player-Book'ed Items
    Splash Potion of Harming II
    Fire/Lava Immune-Book'ed Items
    Pazo's Pazooka Bubble Gum
    Potion of Swiftness
    Bunny Hop 5000
    Patrickpowerades Kekkei Genkai
    Speed Compass, Speed sign, etc. (Speed I items)
    Flash disguise
    Supermans Elytra
    Unbreakable Crossbow (Loaded w/fireworks)

    C TIER:
    Potion of Strength I
    Potion of Strength II
    Cupid's Bow
    Shadows Realm Jumpers V2
    Medusas Head
    The Gift of Spring, Wildee's lost Poptart, etc.(Saturation Items)

    D TIER:
    Silverbow, Dark Moon Bow, Multishot Bow, Brutualizing Bow, etc. (Basic/close to basic power 6 bows)
    Spanna's Christmas Chicken, Applebranches Heart, etc. (Regen 1 Items)
    Shadows Realm Jumpers
    Unbreakable Diamond Boots
    Ring of Fire
    Unbreakable Diamond Axe
    Broken Hearts Revenge
    Yeet stick, Knockback Stick, etc. (Knockback Sticks)
    Unbreakable Diamond Sword
    Wither Blade
    Intimate Evening
    Unbreakable Crossbows
    Love is Blind
    Batmans Grappling Hook, Explorer's Grappling Hook
    2p_'s Easter Egg, Headless Horsemens Revenge, etc. (Strength I Items)
    Vampiric Blade
    Blessing of Earth
    Blessing of Water
    Obsidian Lily
    Angels Blessing

    F TIER:
    Lava Rod, Xuantlets Heart, etc. (Fire immune items)
    Applebraches Golden Halo, Unstable Feather, etc. (Slowfalling Items)
    Ender Pearls
    Boots of Voidwalking
    Bow of Fireballs
    Cannonball Bow
    Wand of Bunnyshape
    Player Tracker
    Pelt of the hunter
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