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    Blue has a ton of cool rares, and this gamemode lets you use them to their full potential!

    I call this gamemode, "Boots Format" because the only piece of armor that is allowed is boots! Chesplates, Leggings, and Helmets of any material are BANNED!

    You may still (and are encouraged to) use /Hat and an offhand item.

    Why? The biggest problem with many of the rares Applecraft (and Minecraft in general) has to offer is that they are improperly balanced with the offensive capability of the player- essentially, many fights at the most geared are stalemates because players can't damage each other. This problem is made even more annoying by Unbreakable armor.
    This gamemode removes the majority of the defensive power you can have and balances the offensive power of the player with the defensive power of rares! With armor out of the way, players are free and able to use practically any rare they like!

    There are 4-5 rounds if 1v1 fights and players are only eliminated if they lose 3 total matches. (Triple Elimination) After these rounds the 4 players with the best records advance to a top 4 bracket style tournament to determine the winner and overall order of the top 4.

    This tournament also features a "match to match ban mechanic" where before each fight, each player specifies a rare (not any item, just rares) they wish to ban the other player from using during that fight. If you have any specefic questions about this mechanic, please read the below paragraph.

    For example, you are paired up against your opponent, player X, before your fight starts you /msg the ref (usually me) the name if the rare type you want to ban them from using- player X does the same. After both players have told the ref their bans, they are announced. Player X cannot use any rares of the type you banned, even if they are renamed, modified, or they have multiple versions of that rare. You can use rares of that name however, if you ban spores boots from Player X (your opponent) you may still use spores boots, your opponent follows the same process. These bans are temporary and only last until the end of that fight. Before the fight begins, you have to wait for all effect(s) of the banned item to wear off. You are not required to disclose any of the names or strategies to your opponent before bans are declared, it is up to each player to pay attention to each round to figure out the most optimal bans.

    This is a really fun and interesting way to have the format balance itself and puts players who have one very strong item that carries them back on a level playing field.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to post them here or ask them to me in-game or on discord! I'm very open to feedback and I really want to make this work for as many people as possible!

    Sign up by placing your name in the hopper at /pw Albasant! I'll be holding these tournaments every day for the foreseeable future at 9 pm EST! Top players get prizes depending on turnout- the first place will always be something with at least 1 stack of value (but usually more), and the top 4 will also get prizes! Events take around 1-2 hours so be sure to clear your schedules!ll
    Everyone who participates gets a consolation prize, usually something around a dragon head worth of value.

    Join the discord for rules updates and tournament announcments!

    If you are looking for a guide on what items have found success, check out this tierlist:

    Here is the Rules/Banlist/Technicalities for the competition:

    No leaving the arena once your match has started.
    You can do whatever you want to stock up or switch/repair gear between rounds.
    Don't mess with spectating players!
    No disconnecting
    No interfering with other people's rounds (no reality stone if you aren't in the arena!)
    No poor sportsmanship!
    If you have an item that requires /trust, It will be enabled during your fights.
    If you are an admin/mod please make sure your keybinds and powertools are disabled before you fight.
    Pre-Potting is allowed
    No godmode
    You can substitute items after your specific fights bans have been announced but before the actual fight starts
    You may use a chestplate/legging/helmet/Elytra
    No commands of any kind during the fight.
    No spying on opponents inventories using commands.
    No /Feed
    No placing blocks
    If the server is restarted during a fight, the players may decide to start that fight over again from either before or after bans
    Command and barrier blocks are considered rares. Naming those items as a ban requires the opponent to remove all items of that type.
    Enchanted Golden Apples are considred rares.

    Item Banlist: (Subject to change)
    ANY Chestplate on your body
    ANY Leggings on your body
    ANY Helmet on your body
    ANY Elytra on your body
    ANY Rare Potion (regular potions are allowed)
    ANY admin exclusive rare (this refers specifically to items admins make for themselves/others- powertool items-if you have one you know what I am referring to)
    Totems of Undying
    Dr.Stranges Mysterious Void
    Melon of Truth
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    bruh who the hell is gonna do that from 12am to 9pm
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    Those are the start tims im alternating between, which is what it says in the article.
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    we need like a discord server channel setup for pvp events
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