Blues economy is not inflated. You cant say that.

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    Blues Economy is not inflated. You can say that, but I think you would be incorrect to do so.

    Also, this probably somewhat applies if you aren't from Blue, so give it a read even if you aren't a Blue player.

    Here's why.

    Firstly, we don't know how many diamonds are in circulation. We don't even know in a general sense if its gone up or down since the creation of new Blue- if we're being honest, probably down, because the playerbase of Blue has gone done about 50% since the creation of new blue. Our average player count was like in the high 100 range and has gone down to like 80.

    *Note: When I'm talking about inflation, I'm talking about blue reletive to itself and not to blue reletive to vanilla, obviously due to Eff6 diamonds are worth less then vanilla, but that's not really relevant to this discussion.

    This isn't just saying, "oh, its gone up because people mine so much"

    Because i would counter that with "no, its gone down because so many people quit on a daily basis"

    Then we both ask eachother- "well how much have either of these factors effected the pool?" and then we would both answer, "No idea"

    Without knowing any of these numbers, we can't say that the economy is inflated. You literally just can't, you'd be using the term "inflation" wrong.

    Alot of people have alot of anecdotal evidence that they point at when they argue this, mostly it's "oh look how expensive X item is now". Here's the thing with that, the ceiling of how much an item can cost HAS gone up, alot, its like octupled since new blue came out- but the overwhelming majority of these items are not crate items, but event items that only have a few unique printings. People charge more for them now because the people who have them are aware just how much DB the people who are willing and able to buy them have. They control the price completely of these items since they have the only copies. They dictate the price not to the average player, but to this small group of players who operate on a different plane of value. I don't really see how you could say it has anything to with an idea like inflation- and how you could say that it doesn't have everything to do with blatant market manipulation by a small group.

    That's the crux of this economy, there is no objective standard to apply economic principles like Supply and Demand or Inflation too, because its all just conjecture and hearsay by people who change the market to whatever they see to make scene. These people aren't necessarily doing so with a nefarious or self centred goal, but they are doing so without much objectivity or hard numbers to back them up. I'm not even saying they shouldn't do this, because how else would such a small closed system even work? I'm just saying that the economy changes much more with what people say then what actually happens.

    I liken our economy much more to something like Ebay then I would do the one that's represented by global trade.

    IRL deals are something people like to point to alot, basically they say something like "oh, a stack of DB for us is X$ and a stack of DB for you is X$ so that means your economy is more inflated"- that's not necessarily true and in this case I don't think that's whats causing these rates to be different. This is yet another case of a small subset of players who have total control of this market using any objective standard they can get their hands on to justify increasing their prices. The rate of IRL deals or of any rares relative to diamond blocks has nothing to do with general inflation, and is just an example of blatant market manipulation. I don't see why the rate of IRL's is cited to have gone up so much, when basically no other prices have changed. I wouldn't even say that there is a standard IRL price, because its so dependant on who is doing the IRL and how greedy that player wants to be- an IRL is just another super expensive premium rare really.

    I seriously doubt that at this point, purple has that much less DB in circulation then Blue. Both worlds have been around for that critical mass of time where Efficiency 6 has made diamonds super worthless relative to vanilla, and enough players have quit in both worlds so that I just don't see how purple players are any less rich then blue ones- and they aren't. Of course the absolute cap is different, but those are such a small minority of players with such little influence- I think their impact is overblown.

    If you look at the important examples, the ones that effect the majority of players the majority of the time, those items haven't really gone up or down in price much. Outside of those few event rares and the occasional crate rare, items haven't really changed in price. Most crate items still top out at like, 6 stacks. Keys are still a stack, the basic building blocks are still like a diamond each- all that's changed are those ultra rare items which keep going up.

    Really, when people ask if this economy is "bad" or whatever, they want to know if the economy is something that's accessible to new or intermediate players. The answer to that is that it is pretty accessible, once you get Efficiency 6.

    Heres some facts for people. Optimal strip mining with Eff6 will lead you to getting around 50~DB an hour, which means that in just a few hours you will be able to afford almost any one rare that you want, or probably multiple rares that you want, and that you will be able to afford pretty much any amount of building blocks. People who don't do this as midgame players (2-7 months) are shooting themselves in the foot. Forget rares trading, just Mine and buy the stuff you need. Once you get all that stuff and are in the late game, then you can start rares trading and doing long term investments and start getting those really high end items which suddenly aren't such an insane price to you.

    The reason people use to justify things costing so much is because Eff6 lets you mine so easily, for you to not take advantage of this at some point in your AC career is just knowingly being inefficient. If you complain you can't afford stuff "Because the economy is bad" and you don't/haven't mine(d), the issue is you being inefficient, not the economy being bad.

    Blue's economy is not inflated, whats really happening is just people setting prices to weird numbers for inconsistent reasons. If you are a new player, you are still able to get into Blue and get mostly every cool thing you want with relative ease.

    That being said, I would like for things to be even easier for new players, I think that as things stand, without paying IRL money, you will be stuck in the "early" game for like 3 weeks at least- and that kinda sucks because the sweet part of Blue is the mid game. I think a good fix for making Blue's economy more accessible is to bring Eff6 back down to 50 vote dollars. It was like that for a long time, and its such an important piece of the Blue economy, it should be more accessible then it is now.

    I also think more reprints of important items is a good idea, Hyperspace orb is a great example of an item that would be one of those supply controlled, waaaay to expensive items- but it's not because people understand how easy they are to get and understand not to buy them at those prices because of how many reprints its gotten. I'd like to see this with any item that is in danger of being market manipulated- I don't see a reason why any crate rare should be more then like, 5 stacks. (I'm looking at you Magma Saber)

    Thats all for this post, @ me if you have anything to add or comment below ;)
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    This is the biggest reason I believe some rares have the most absurd high price: People want it to be expensive. Whether it is because they have the copies so they could get as much DB as they want, or other reasons they have, it resulted in an oligopoly or a monopoly.

    From my view, In blue you can see prices rising up "because someone else sold it for a bit higher", but not the reverse. Then the value of said rare would just keep rising, and player keeps pushing up the price, while some can only suck it up and wait until the crate is gone. The idea is unhealthy as this led new players hard to get to mid-game.

    In my opinion, a seller can literally change one number and the buyer would need one more hour of mining. This is unfair in my point of view.

    Although we do not have a fixed price for rares, there are some common grounds for prices we all agree: keys are 64db each. Then you would think the average price of all the rares in the crate would be around 64db. Now we also take in account of the existing rares, and how much are they sold at, and that is how players should get the price range they can all agree on...not because of mumbling some high number because you want to resell for a less hour mining.
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    You can argue all you want about saying it isn't inflated but in my own opinion blue indeed inflated. Not going to bother going into details about it but I regret eff6 pickaxes being a thing.
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    H o w
    I mine 2x1 tunnels, speed 3 and +0.15 attribute speed, and only get around 24-32 dbs an hour :/
    Im outside of wild warp range, i’m not running into claims, how tf does one get 50 dbs per hr ;-;
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    "They control the price completely of these items since they have the only copies."
    cries in buying master sword and Mario/iron man disguises

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