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    Here is the list off all the various mobs you can kill and the effects they drop that you can apply to your Bow of the Mythic Hunt. These Essence's DONT DO ANYTHING on their own. You can ONLY apply them to this bow (like library books) and only up to 3 times. These also only have a 20% chance to drop from the mobs you can get them from.

    Normal texture of the Essence's is a Blaze Powder, each effect has its own essence name to reduce the total number of items.

    You can also use the "Null Essence" to remove the 3 effects on the bow, so you can apply 3 new effects to it.

    (Empty Texture) Witch, Evoker, Illiger-> Apply to Rest the effects on the bow. "Null Essence"

    Cow, Sheep, any Piglin variant, Iron Golem, Panda, Ravenger, Silverfish-> Resistance 1 effect. "Essence of Toughness"

    Polar Bear-> Cold damage Immunity. "Essence of Winter"

    Pig, Mooshroom, Hoglin-> Satiety (your hunger, not your saturation, is always full). "Essence of Endurance"

    Bat, Rabbit, Llama, Slime-> Jump Boost 2 effect. "Essence of Agility"

    Chicken, Bee, Phantom-> Slowfalling effect 1. "Essence of Grace"

    Any Fish or Squid or Turtle, Guardian or Elder Guardian or Skeleton Horse-> Waterbreathing effect. "Essence of Water"

    Cat, Ocelot.-> Fall damage Immunity. "Essence of Rythmn"

    Vex-> Highlight nearby Mobs (in green) "Essence of Voodo"

    Wolf-> Gives the bow Sharpness 7 (can only be applied once). "Essence of Ferocity"

    Donkey, Horse-> Speed 3 effect. "Essence of Speed"

    Villager-> Highlight nearby players (in blue). "Essence of Community"

    Any Pillager variant, Skeleton-> Gives the bow Power 6. (Can only be applied once, doesnt work if the bow already has power at any level) "Essence of War"

    Spider, Cave spider-> Night vision Effect. "Essence of the Night"

    Shulker, Endermen-> Curse of the Endermen (You sometimes teleport when hit) "Essence of the End"

    Creeper, Ghast-> Turns the bow into a "Fireball Bow" "Essence of Detonation"

    Dolphin-> Dolphins Grace 1 Effect. "Essence of the Dolphin"

    Blaze, Magma Cube-> Fire Resistance. "Essence of the Nether"

    Drowned, Zombie, Husk, Zoglin, Zombified Piglin,-> Bow now shoots Hunger 1 arrows that last for 3 seconds. "Essence of Hunger"

    Stray-> Bow now shoots Slowness 2 arrows that last 2 second. "Essence of Ice"

    Wither Skeleton, Wither-> Wither 1 arrows that last for 2 seconds. "Essence of the Wither"
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    @JrPhyre MonkaS
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    there are no "dogs" in Minecraftft
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